Who’s not washing their hands after handling their cat?

America's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that people wash their hands after they handle their cats. Although…

2 months ago

Is it cruel to keep a cat in an apartment?

It is not cruel per se to keep a cat in an apartment. There needs to be more.

3 months ago

Dogs versus Cats UK: 51% have a dog and 47% have a cat (YouGov poll)

A recent YouGov poll has found that companion animal guardians (a.k.a. pet owners) are almost split down the middle with…

3 months ago

Which country spends most on its pets?

I don't like the question. It should read 'which country spends most on its companion animals?'. Having got that out…

3 months ago

Top ten EU countries for cat ownership 2020

Rank Country Number of cats in millions 1 Germany 14.5 2 France 13.5 3 United Kingdom 7.5 4 Italy 7.3…

5 months ago

East and west coast USA are the most secular and therefore wealthier resulting in better domestic cat welfare

I am generalising greatly. However, research published in the journal Royal Society Open Science involving almost 500,000 people in 109…

5 months ago

How to prove cat ownership?

Cat ownership can be a tricky topic as, in practice, we don't really own a cat because they are sentient…

5 months ago

The impossibility of proving cat theft and sharing cat ownership

A retired police detective inspector in the UK, Colin Butcher, who has dealt with many thefts believes that about 50%…

5 months ago

Maine Coon cat owner sues neighbour for injunction to stop her feeding her cat

Intro At heart this is a cat story which is played out across the planet daily. A domestic cat belonging…

6 months ago

How many cats are killed on American roads each year?

According to the Wikipedia numbers it is cat roadkill Armageddon in America. But accuracy is a problem and the question…

6 months ago