Carbon footprint of domestic cat is half that of a dog

Would you like to know the carbon footprint of your domestic cat? Or dog or goldfish? You might not but…

4 weeks ago

If lockdown has made our cats more friendly there is a lesson to be learned

The Sun online newspaper reports that more than half of UK cat owners claim that their feline friends have become…

1 month ago

“Stink and smell of cats” puts off a homebuyer

The Sun newspaper provides us with some insights, from the online lettings portal Mashroom, on the subject of how to…

2 months ago

Who’s not washing their hands after handling their cat?

America's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that people wash their hands after they handle their cats. Although…

5 months ago

Is it cruel to keep a cat in an apartment?

It is not cruel per se to keep a cat in an apartment. There needs to be more.

5 months ago

Dogs versus Cats UK: 51% have a dog and 47% have a cat (YouGov poll)

A recent YouGov poll has found that companion animal guardians (a.k.a. pet owners) are almost split down the middle with…

6 months ago

Which country spends most on its pets?

I don't like the question. It should read 'which country spends most on its companion animals?'. Having got that out…

6 months ago

Top ten EU countries for cat ownership 2020

Rank Country Number of cats in millions 1 Germany 14.5 2 France 13.5 3 United Kingdom 7.5 4 Italy 7.3…

8 months ago

East and west coast USA are the most secular and therefore wealthier resulting in better domestic cat welfare

I am generalising greatly. However, research published in the journal Royal Society Open Science involving almost 500,000 people in 109…

8 months ago

How to prove cat ownership?

Cat ownership can be a tricky topic as, in practice, we don't really own a cat because they are sentient…

8 months ago