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Don't punish your cat with water spray

Cat punishment versus divine intervention

Anyone with reasonable knowledge of cat guardianship knows that punishing a domestic cat is pointless. It’s worse than pointless. It achieves an objective which is unintended: it frightens a cat to the point where...

Don't punish your cat with water spray

Are spray bottles effective on cats?

This is a pretty old question and one that pops up frequently. I think it’s still relevant because when you search on the Internet and read about it in books it is apparent that...

Should I use a stray bottle on my cat?

Should I use a spray bottle on my cat?

There are different views on this and some websites actively recommend it as a cat trainig method. Apparently in a proportion of US homes there are spray bottles in every room! These are, in...

Cat punishment is inappropriate. There are many reasons why.

Jackson Galaxy on Feline Punishment

I have always been passionately against punishment as a means of training a cat. I thought I’d look up what Jackson Galaxy thinks about cat punishment. He discusses it in his book Total Cat...

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