Can domestic cats survive outside? Lady Godiva did.

Despite Lady Godiva's grumpy expression, the shelter says she's so sweet. Photo by Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter

This is a poorly formulated question in my opinion by many people carrying out an Internet search using Google. What they mean is can a domestic cat survive outside without the intervention of a human caretaker? Or to put it another way, can a domestic cat leave their home and live in the wild …

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We need to interview people who fail to sterilise their cats

Shelter cats are the best and there are many to choose from

Pretty well daily we read stories of people who have gotten in over their heads in caring for cats because of one simple, glaring error: they failed to sterilise (spay or neuter) their cat or cats as soon as medically possible. Yesterday I wrote about a British man who went from one cat to …

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Despite the odds, cat rescued from the streets of Greece is recovering

A cat rescued in Greece

This is Iron, a silver beauty whose condition is devastating. He suffers from everything a cat can possibly suffer from: FIV, fungus, two broken legs, and a mutilated tail. Pus keeps coming out of his eye and his ears. Despite the odds, this feline warrior has managed to survive a month now since his …

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Symphony: Even her vet had given up hope-then Foster Paws Rescue and an adoption angel stepped up to save her

Rescue cat

This is the happy ending story of a cat most of the world had given up on. Considered unadoptable by many and possibly a lost cause by the vet who treated her, Symphony is truly a miracle kitty who found love in a rescue willing to take her under their wing until the perfect …

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Happy update on “blind” Siamese kitten and her sibling guardian rescued on Christmas Eve

This is a happy update on the two kittens rescued from a bamboo field in Pickens County, South Carolina. The story of their Christmas Eve rescue was posted on PoC December 26. Although these two aren’t quite ready for their forever home at this time, I do have good news to share. Please read …

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India: Man Carries Kittens to Safety in Flood. Mama Nearby

Great cat photos by Biswaranjan Rout of a man in the Cuttack, India carrying kittens to safety in massive flood waters. Cuttack is the former capital and the second largest city in the state of Odisha, India. It is on the east coast of India, towards Bangladesh. I love the fact that the mother …

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