Stray went from the saddest cat to the happiest cat in a couple of hours

A changed expression for this ginger boy who was the saddest cat

You may have heard of him; his name is Mister Bruce Willis. I’m told that he spent six years as an unloved, lonely stray cat on the streets during which he acquired significant health issues which is unsurprising bearing in mind the life he was forced to lead. His health problems included an eye …

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Transformational care reveals beauty beneath bedraggled stray cat

Lottie as found as a stray and after TLC from RSPCA. Pictures: RSPCA Derbyshire.

This story of before and after cat rescue comes from Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, UK. The skinny, urine-stained, bedraggled stray cats looks different now. Lottie, a stray cat, was brought to the RSPCA center at Hillfield Lane, Stretton in a bad way. Her fur was falling out, she was underweight, urine stained and bedraggled. Underneath that …

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Priest takes Mass with church cat regularly on the altar

Church cat on altar during service

This stray cat made a church his home, attends Mass, and has boosted the congregation. In the town of Atibaia, Brazil (near San Paolo) a stray cat wandered into a church in the parish of São Sebastião and stayed. He has been named Junior and he sleeps in the church’s collection basket and grooms …

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