Russia: a nation of cat lovers and they don’t know what Putin is doing in Ukraine

Cat rescuer Russia

It is timely to remind ourselves that Russia is a nation of cat lovers. They have their own purebred cats e.g. Russian Blue, and a good cat fancy. They’ve got some amazing cat breeders although I don’t approve of cat breeding! Russia has a higher percentage of households owning at least one cat than …

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Picture: elderly woman, Lidiia lives with her cat, Matilda, near the fighting in Eastern Ukraine

Lidiia and her cat Matilda live near the fighting in Eastern Ukraine

This tweet is sad, isn’t it? An elderly woman who needs some peace and security in her life as does her cat and the bloody Russians want to gobble up her country. Well, it’s not the Russians generally, they don’t want the war. It’s the evil tactical genius/madman, Putin, who demands it. He thinks …

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Picture of a British soldier playing with a kitten in the snow, December 17, 1917

Soldier interacts with kitten in snow 1917

This is a photograph from World War I, the Great War. It was taken by John Warwick Brooke (Lieutenant). It is a black-and-white colourised photograph. It was colourised by Colourising History (aka /u/DBColour). Below it is the original black and white photo. It shows a British soldier perhaps of the Army Service Corps ‘shaking …

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