Scottish wildcat is ‘genomically extinct’ as there are no purebred Scottish wildcats in 2023

Scottish wildcat

A recent study has once again looked at the concerning situation regarding the extinction of the Scottish wildcat which is actually a European wildcat living in Scotland. About 15 years ago scientists knew that the Scottish wildcat was near extinction because of hybridisation with domestic and feral cats in Scotland. Acceleration of wildcats mating …

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3-way cat hybrid: Maine Coon, American Curl and Siamese

3-way hybrid: Maine Coon, American Curl and Siamese

People are interested in domestic cat hybrids because they look different. This cat is basically a Maine Coon with curled back ears and some vague pointing on the coat. But when you look at the cat, he/she looks like a strange Maine Coon. The dominant feature is the huge Maine Coon muzzle and then …

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Hybrid cats – domestic x domestic, wild x wild and domestic x wild


Hybrid cats can be divided into three categories, entirely domestic cat hybrids (domestic cat x domestic cat), wild cat hybrids (wild cat x wild cat) and wild cat/domestic cat hybrids (wild cat x domestic cat): Definition of “Hybrid” Species versus Breed Hybrid Vigor Entirely Domestic Cat Hybrids Entirely Wild Cat Hybrids Wild Cat/Domestic Cat …

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Can a leopard mate with a jaguar?

Leopard-jaguar hybrids are possible and have been recorded

Yes, a leopard can mate with a jaguar. The hybrid cat thus created has four different names: jagulep, jagleop, lepjag and leguar. All pretty unimaginative names but descriptive nonetheless. As usual, I have to call upon my friend Sarah Hartwell and her website for the best information about leopard/jaguar hybrids. She is the …

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Can cats mate with raccoons?

Raccoon and cats. Are raccoons smarter than cats?

The question in the title is a reference to the myth that the famous Maine Coon cat is named after a domestic cat x raccoon hybrid offspring in the 19th century when a domestic cat mate with a wandering and horny raccoon. Some people still believe and say that a raccoon can mate with …

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Pictures of a cat-dog hybrid!

Vietnamese puppy looks a bit like a cat-dog hybrid

This is a cute Vietnamese puppy who’s been described as a cat-dog hybrid but with tongue in cheek because it is genetically impossible. However, his character, his derp face, stature and dense grey coat allows people to pretend that he is a cat-dog hybrid. It is a bit of fun. He certainly does look …

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