Cat-roses and flower-cats


The news today is that gullible eBay shoppers have become the victims of a very clever scam in which some Chinese entrepreneurs have used artificial intelligence image-making technology to create photos of pretty flowers which look like cats! They been advertised on eBay and as you can imagine some people have been taken in …

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Bing copilot is addictive

Bings copilot is a smart, eager and willing friend

I have learned to love Bing’s copilot. It’s a highly addictive artificial intelligent computer. It creates amazing images through DALL-E 3. They truly are awesome. You simply instruct the computer to create an image to your customised order and it does so. It does more than that because you can change the image from …

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Artificial intelligence (AI) undermines the Internet

Ai tech ‘steals’ internet content is massive automated scan and regurgitates it after processing it when asked questions

OPINION: I would argue that AI undermines the Internet and I’ve created an Infographic in the form of a flowchart which is one way of representing what is happening. There are other aspects to this but this is how I see it. This is a 2-page article, please note. Big publishers sue AI The …

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The computer coding nerds will inherit the Earth not the meek

Artificial intelligence may be more devastating to humanity than the hydrogen bomb

AI is a threat to democracy and is more dangerous than H-bombs or perhaps they’ll work together in their destruction with the former preceding the latter. The nerds that created artificial intelligence computing are in the same category as J Robert Oppenheimer who created the atomic bomb. Both have the potential to destroy the …

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How good are AI generated cat pictures in Jan 2024?

Tabby cat picture created by AI

I have stated the date because AI is improving all the time and pretty rapidly. I use the DALLE. E 2 AI computer ( sometimes to create cat images. It is useful to check the quality of cat images created by this platform. I asked DALLE to create 2 images with these simple instructions: …

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AI creates digital replicant Taylor Swift to scam fans

Artificial intelligence created Taylor Swift to scam fans and of their hard earned money on social media

Taylor Swift has been replicated digitally by an AI computer in order to scam her fans into believing that she has unsold Le Creuset cookware products to give away. She is the latest celebrity to have her likeness hijacked by artificial intelligence employed by scammers who know that her digital likeness will entice fans …

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Windows PCs to have a dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) key in the keyboard called ‘Copilot’

MS Copilot key

I am concerned about the diminishing chances of success of the smaller websites caused by the latest developments. This article discusses that topic in light of the latest news on AI. Content websites provide information; right? And the owners of these websites do their upmost to be ranked well by Google to ensure that …

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