Daily Motion embedded video spoils Google Search Console Core Web Vitals performance score

Screenshot showing core vitals performance readout of a page with a link to the Daily Motion website's video

This short article is for the technically minded and website owners and managers. It may not be news for them but it certainly is for me and I’d like to pass on the information for those struggling to pass Google Search Console Core Web Vitals performance measuring tools. These are very technical measurements and …

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Websites should be advertising platforms with content attached!

Mail Online is dripping with adverts and we should embrace it

There is a discussion about the balance between the adverts and the content on news and content websites. A lot of people think that adverts are intrusive and shouldn’t be there at all. The adverts can irritate some readers. But I think that content websites like this one should be advertising platforms with the …

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Translate a website into your language (instructions)

Translate websites using google translate

Here’s how to translate a website into your language using Google Translate. It is a bit fiddlier on phones because of the restricted size of the device. But this is pretty straightforward for first-time users. Copy the website’s address by tapping it once. The website’s address is the ‘URL’. It is in the box …

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Google’s Bard will provide AI text answers in revamp to their search results but is this the right and fair thing to do?


I’m questioning Google’s decision to provide AI text answers through their chat bot, Bard, in a revamp of their search engine results. I’ll tell you why. If I am right, I think Google is being unfair and they may damage the Internet. Current status When you use Google today, you ask Google to find …

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Will ChatGPT take traffic away from content websites?


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot interface online. It is basically and instant message (IM) conversation with a computer run by AI. You can ask the computer all kinds of questions and it will provide you with its best answer immediately. The answers are compact, concise and well written in English. I …

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Please DON’T block ads as they are a lifeline for millions of websites

Please don't block ads

Please don’t use ad blocker software in any form as ads are a lifeline for millions of websites. Particularly ‘independent’ websites by which I mean sites owned by individuals like me. There are millions of these sites providing some really great and educational information. Like me they provide it free of charge. The owners …

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Amazon are terminating Amazon Smile, their charitable donation program. The reason why.

Amazon Smile ceases in late Feb 2023

Amazon Smile raised $500 million for charities elected by customers over its lifetime of 10 years. A small percentage of the sale price was given to charity by Amazon. It did not increase the sale price of the goods purchased. Amazon say that the charity was spread too thinly, “[the] program has not grown …

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