Microsoft ignores Google search console core web vitals. Should you?

Microsoft scores very badly on Google search engine core vitals

A lot has been said about Google search console core web vitals – by Google! They claimed that if you didn’t get your website sorted out with excellent, across the board core vitals pass marks your website would be ranked poorly in Google search results. I for one took this to heart and after …

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Girl committed suicide after reading suicide Q&A on

Depressed girl of 14. This is a model and the photo was set up. is currently being favoured by Google’s search engine under a new algorithm because it’s a large site with constantly renewed and refreshed content by the users and members of that well-funded website. As a consequence, it has been elevated with a sharply increased number of hits. The Times reports on Saturday June 8th …

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Google’s current algorithm favours large websites like in search results (June 2024)

Reddit is perfect in the eyes of Google

I asked Google’s Gemini (AI bot) if the statement in the question is accurate. The last search engine algorithm change by Google (about May 2024) which decides where to rank websites in search results has been devastating for millions of websites. Yes, millions of websites. A survey published on the BBC site found that …

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Daily Motion embedded video spoils Google Search Console Core Web Vitals performance score

Screenshot showing core vitals performance readout of a page with a link to the Daily Motion website's video

This short article is for the technically minded and website owners and managers. It may not be news for them but it certainly is for me and I’d like to pass on the information for those struggling to pass Google Search Console Core Web Vitals performance measuring tools. These are very technical measurements and …

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