Pictures of Cats

Dogs look like their owners and sometimes cats do as well

This is the best photograph I have seen of a cat looking like their owner. I don't think you could…

1 week ago

Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge pictures

I don't know much about the Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge but here are a couple of pictures from it. The…

1 week ago

Black kitten in swaddling clothes

An excellent photograph of a black in swaddling like a Russian baby.

3 weeks ago

Man dressed as a cat (France) about 1920

On the Buzfeed website this photograph is described as horrifying or terrifying. It isn't but it is a bit weird.…

2 months ago

Picture of 12 domestic or feral cats in a tree

This is not a recent photograph. I remember seeing it years ago. However, it is very, very unusual and perhaps…

2 months ago

Street cats in coronavirus social distancing queue

This is a cuteness overload cat picture. I am not told where it was taken but I believe that it…

3 months ago

Ten Interesting Cat Pictures

From time to time I like to publish a post which contains some interesting or even strange cat pictures. Or…

4 months ago

Picture of a cute rescue kitten in a teacup

The good thing about this cute rescue kitten in a teacup picture is that it is not Photoshopped. It is…

4 months ago

Outstanding Moggy

This cat looks male and random bred to me (wrong? Please tell me). And he is a beauty. He's a…

5 months ago

Food loving cat likes to stick his arm through a gap on the hinge side of the fridge door

MARYLAND, USA: He's Carrot, a smart ginger tabby cat. He was fostered by Rachel Zardus and Andrew Taylor after he…

5 months ago