Chatterbox cat

Is your cat a chatterbox?

Talkative domestic cats are good. They improve the human-to-cat relationship. Cat owners want their cat to initiate an interaction with them, don’t they? You don’t just want a decorative cat. When cats start the conversation, the interactions are better and they last longer. Please tell me if your cat is a chatterbox and if so …

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Caterwauling illustration by MikeB

Caterwauling in domestic, stray and feral cats

Although caterwauling is commonly associated with unsterilised female cats on heat calling for a mate at night, this loud feline vocalisation can also be used in different contexts with the general message: “I am angry. Clear off, or I will attack you”. Perhaps, slightly confusingly, caterwauling is for some people uniquely associated with females on …

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