How do cats purr?

Play the audio file below to hear how cats purr. The primary source is Cat Sense by Dr John Bradshaw.

5 years ago

Cat’s purr which was too loud

Can a cat's purr be so loud so that nobody wants to adopt the cat? It sounds far fetched but…

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How cats purr, when and why

Still today, many people believe purring is solely a sign of love and contentment. It is but it is also…

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Are cats more beneficial to our health than dogs?

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Cheetah Purr, Domestic Cat Purr, Leopard Saw

If you listen to the last bit of this video of a cheetah purring it is quite impressive. The recording…

7 years ago

How Do Cats Purr?

How do cats purr? Answer: A cat's purr is very special and very noticeable. It is unique to the cat…

8 years ago