What animals other than domestic cats can purr?

Raccoon purring

The domestic cat purr has been discussed at great length in Internet articles and in scientific studies. We all know about it and enjoy it. Some wild cats also purr such as the cheetah, bobcat, puma, ocelot for example. Their purrs are stronger than that of the domestic cat. The “big cats”, that famous …

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Comparison of 2 cat purrs: infant distress cry purr versus standard version

Cat meow-purring as he asks for something he likes and which he expects to receive. He reinforces his request by standing on his hind legs.

There is a special cat purr combined with a distress cry which triggers humans to give food. A study about the cat’s self-trained special baby-cry purr was published in 2009. At the time a lot was spoken about it. It is a special purr superimposed with a baby’s distress cry. It evolved in the …

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