Cat and dog owners using coronavirus as a reason to put off going to their veterinarian

I fear that what is happening to sick people is happening to sick pets in equal numbers, but it is…

1 week ago

President of British Veterinary Association advises incorrectly a second time on coronavirus

The President of the British Veterinary Association, Daniella Dos Santos, initially advised that domestic cats should be kept indoors in…

2 months ago

Is it right that veterinarians are cheaper than doctors?

I was reading an article by Siamic on my website entitled: Benefits of Dental Radiography for Relieving Pain in Cats.…

2 months ago

Coronavirus may benefit companion animals and owners by encouraging remote diagnosis

In the USA, and I expect elsewhere to a lesser extent, veterinary telemedicine is being strongly encouraged by the inability…

2 months ago

Coronavirus pandemic: Are veterinarians ‘key workers’ and are their businesses ‘essential’?

In the UK it is not clear that veterinarians working in companion animal practice can be considered 'key workers' (as…

2 months ago

Can a vet determine cat breed?

You might think that the answer to the question depends on where you live but although the response will vary…

3 months ago

Can I bring my cats in carriers to the vet with Uber?

Summary: As at the date of this post the answer is No. Except for Sydney and Brisbane in Australia or…

3 months ago

Veterinarians face two opposing viewpoints from their clients both of which causes them stress

A study concerning three aspects of the provision of veterinary care which causes stress in veterinarians has produced some interesting…

7 months ago

Lola’s Story

The story of misbehaviour by veterinarians in treating a young cat hurt by a road traffic accident and the struggles…

12 months ago

Perfect Pet Insurance reviews – read this

A Perfect Pet Insurance story which paints the insurer as less than perfect when processing a large claim.

1 year ago