Veterinarians face two opposing viewpoints from their clients both of which causes them stress

A study concerning three aspects of the provision of veterinary care which causes stress in veterinarians has produced some interesting…

3 weeks ago

Lola’s Story

The story of misbehaviour by veterinarians in treating a young cat hurt by a road traffic accident and the struggles…

6 months ago

Perfect Pet Insurance reviews – read this

A Perfect Pet Insurance story which paints the insurer as less than perfect when processing a large claim.

7 months ago

Vimago™ is a new diagnostic scanning device which produces incredible images of inside your companion animal

A Vimago™ scan. The video is interesting for the imagine quality. You might ask your vet if they are thinking…

7 months ago

American taxpayer should subsidize veterinary training to get rid of declawing

The only reason why three quarters of American veterinarians declaw cats is for money. We all know that. There's no…

7 months ago

Veterinarian declawed his wife’s cats without her consent or knowledge so she divorced him

These are the words of Gloria Mayer [THANKS A LOT GLORIA!]: "I was married (really!) to Glenn Mayer but I…

9 months ago

Euthanasia and difficult clients: two outstanding reasons for stress in Singaporean veterinarians

Veterinarians in Singapore are possibly more stressed and upset than their clients think they are. This is not to say…

12 months ago

Cat at veterinarian’s puts his head in counter top ‘waste hole’ to try and hide

Ahh..this is sad. Cat puts his head in vet's 'trash hole' to try and hide. It is amazing that cats…

12 months ago

Study shows that stress placed on veterinarians can cause ethical conflict and other problems

According to a new study co-authored by a Cambridge Health Alliance psychiatrist and Harvard Medical School researcher, veterinarians often suffer…

1 year ago

What is the most frustrating thing about being a veterinarian? They tell us.

In summary the most frustrating thing about being a veterinarian is the behaviour of the animals' owners. Specifically what frustrates…

1 year ago