Why are there many more women veterinarians nowadays?

Back in the 1960s 98% of veterinarians were men. Nowadays, in the USA, it is said that the current ratio…

6 days ago

Why are vets called doctor?

"Dr" is a courtesy and convenient title for veterinarians.

2 weeks ago

Artificial intelligence (AI) will usher in an era of better diagnosis of companion animal illnesses

I believe that artificial intelligence will, in time, revolutionise the diagnosis of illnesses in both people and their pets and…

2 months ago

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) in veterinary medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in human medicine and it is expected to have a major influence on…

2 months ago

Telemedicine and the treatment of cats by veterinarians

The coronavirus pandemic, as we know, has changed the way that people interact with their doctors and their veterinarians. There…

3 months ago

Spaying and neutering is ethical while declawing is not

Sometimes I see the argument that cat declawing is no different from de-sexing; the spaying and neutering of cats. They…

3 months ago

Veterinarians involved in TNR under attack within their own profession?

Dr John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense writes that some veterinary surgeons who are involved in managing the welfare…

3 months ago

Percentage of cats that died under anaesthesia?

This has always concerned me. I've seen a range of percentages and have written on this topic before. A research…

5 months ago

Cat and dog owners using coronavirus as a reason to put off going to their veterinarian

I fear that what is happening to sick people is happening to sick pets in equal numbers, but it is…

5 months ago

President of British Veterinary Association advises incorrectly a second time on coronavirus

The President of the British Veterinary Association, Daniella Dos Santos, initially advised that domestic cats should be kept indoors in…

7 months ago