Dog forced off sidewalk by gang of cats

A gang of street cats intimidate and see off an innocent dog walking down the sidewalk minding his own business.

3 weeks ago

Dog deliberately karate kicks cat

You have to believe that this dog knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to karate kick a…

4 weeks ago

Cat just being a cat

Weak video quality but strong cat skills. Although he kind of fluked it. It just looks nice. If the cat…

4 weeks ago

Cat versus 3 dogs (video)

An astonishing video of what appears to be a small, juvenile cat standing up to and forcing back three excited,…

1 month ago

Attentive cats listen to lecture on Covid-19

Attentive cats listen to the lecture on Covid-19. Screenehot. This is a cute little Twitter video showing a man in…

2 months ago

High excitement when cat meets dog buddy

When a dog turns up at the home of a cat there is high excitement as they are crazy about…

2 months ago

Dog carries cat by scruff of neck under request to hide

This is a cute video from China (we are told it is China). I know China is in the news…

2 months ago

Mesmerising dominoes and cats video keeps you on tenterhooks

You'll like this cat video. It'll keep you mesmerised for a while - three and a half minutes to be…

2 months ago

Mother courageously and skillfully rescues her kitten in a dangerous structure

CHINA: This is a tense video as the mother of the kitten stuck high up in some AC units comes…

3 months ago

TikTok: cat sleeping in flower pot video

This is fairly typical of a better TikTok cat video i.e. it is not abusive! It is quite cute. The…

3 months ago