YouTube film-makers are staging kitten rescues for money

YouTube film-makers are staging kitten rescues for money and pretending that the rescue is genuine. You can make quite a…

1 week ago


The title is in Japanese. It means: 7 shironeko (7 white cats)...which is not true in this instance! Perhaps the…

2 weeks ago

Beirut explosion: reunions between cats, dogs and owners (video)

This video is full of emotion especially the lady who is reunited with her cat after she searched everywhere to…

3 weeks ago

Couple of cats make ice

A cute little video showing curious cats making ice only they don't realise what ice is and that when it…

1 month ago

Video of how to lose a cat when they jump on a van or truck

  This short video shows people how they can lose their cat in the blink of an eye. The cat…

2 months ago

Cat enjoys sitting on vibrating weight loss machine

For the record, the cat's name is Cyacya. He lives with Asami Niwa in Tokyo Japan. The pressing question is…

2 months ago

TikTok craze of using a cat as a phone is disrespectful and mildly abusive

Young people might find this amusing and fun and I don't want to be a wet blanket and spoil the…

2 months ago

Domestic cat meets bald eagle

House cat not intimidated by a bald eagle. from r/nextfuckinglevel I have to comment on this. The eagle may have…

2 months ago

Is it okay to give a cat ice cream?

It is not okay to give a cat ice cream. There are several reasons. Ice cream is attractive to domestic…

3 months ago

Dog forced off sidewalk by gang of cats

A gang of street cats intimidate and see off an innocent dog walking down the sidewalk minding his own business.

5 months ago