Vet administers a pill to a cat in way which might be instructional to cat caregivers

A Cypriot veterinarian administers a pill to a cat which may be instructional to some caregivers in the UK

There are two things about this picture which are of interest to me and they might be of interest to other people too. Firstly, this is a Cypriot veterinarian administering an antiviral pill to a cat in Cyprus. It was at the time when there was a lot of news media reporting on a …

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China’s zero-Covid policy contributed to high youth unemployment and great difficulty caring for pets

Down with Xi Jingpin

NEWS AND OPINION-CHINA: the current news about China, widely reported in the West, is that its economy is going through a tough time and there’s high youth unemployment. It appears that youth unemployment is so bad they’ve stopped publishing data about it. And there’s a link between the difficulty of being a pet owner …

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WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT’s campaign stops American funding of animal experiments in China and Russia

WCW stop American taxpayer funding of animal experiments abroad

The WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT is a fantastic organisation. They spotted a form of madness, wastefulness and moral turpitude, which other organisations had missed. It was the funding by the US government of laboratories occupied by men and women in white coats experimenting on animals in foreign countries with goals that are not in …

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South Africa’s 8,000-12,000 farmed lions are diseased and a potential risk to human health

Remains of lions at a South African lion farm

The Born Free Foundation tells us that there are as many as 8000-12,000 captive lions on lion farms in South Africa. They are bred to be shot for fun or their body parts exported to China or some other Asian countries perhaps for medicinal purposes based upon superstition and not science. The whole thing …

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2 reasons for a kitten boom in the UK 2022

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

The Telegraph reports on information from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on what is described as a “kitten boom”. It’s disturbing but the Covid-19 pandemic really did mess up the UK in a number of ways including pet ownership. Before Covid-19 there were an estimated 7.5 million cats and 9 million dogs in the …

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More than one third of a million domestic cats got Covid-19 in Britain

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is a rather startling news media story circulating on the Internet at the moment stating that “more than 350,000 pet cats” have been infected by Covid in Britain. And I think that story should carry with it a warning as I will do here. The warning is this: PLEASE DON’T …

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Chilling video of locked-down Shanghai residents screaming from their windows

Shanghai citizens screaming from their apartments in protest at the Covid lockdown

NEWS AND COMMENT – SHANGHAI, CHINA: This story is as much about pets as it is about people. In this chilling video we can hear the plaintiff screams and cries of Shanghai residents bellowing out their frustration to the world at the authority’s strict, zero-tolerance Covid lockdown. They are confined to their homes and …

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