Coronavirus is an opportunity to close zoos

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in lockdowns which are being lifted at various paces in various places. Many zoos face…

4 weeks ago

Should tigers be housed together?

People are using Google's search engine to find out if tigers should be housed together when in captivity. And the…

4 weeks ago

New South Wales: two lions maul female zookeeper. Fate of lions to be decided.

This is another story of a zookeeper being attacked by a lion or lions and suffering severe injuries. In this…

1 month ago

How many cats did ‘Tiger King’ have?

I don't think even Joe Exotic knew how many cats he had at his private zoo during its heyday. The…

2 months ago

World’s largest cat. Over 900 lbs and 11.5 ft tall. What about the ethics?

What about the ethics behind the current world's largest cat, Apollo, bred by Doc Antle?

3 months ago

Joe Exotic is a likeable man who bred tigers to create money-spinning cubs for photoshoots

On the first day of their lives, Joe Exotic took cubs from their mothers that he had deliberately bred to…

3 months ago

Is Calvin Klein perfume safe to use on big cats in zoos?

Banham Zoo, Norfolk, UK: Banham Zoo has appealed for unwanted perfumes from visitors because they are a 'roaring success' with…

5 months ago

Zoos should become extinct because they fail to educate and preserve

I am very happy that a millionaire conservationist who inherited a zoo from his parents has said that small zoos…

6 months ago

Javon Stacks owner of traveling zoo wanted on animal cruelty charges

Javon Stacks likes to think of himself as an entrepreneur, exotic zoo owner, primatologist and wildlife educator but the authorities…

8 months ago

‘Woman walks into Bronx Zoo lion enclosure’ but what is really happening?

The picture and video look alarming as they portray a 'crazy woman' dancing in front of a male lion inside…

9 months ago