Marc donates £400 to Cats Protection, Wear Valley & Darlington

“Swiss man donates hundreds to North-East animal charity after being moved by its plight online” is the title to a news item in the Northern Echo and the story needs to be highlighted in a separate article on PoC as … please continue reading

You are escaping from domestic violence but what about your cat?

I would like, briefly, to write about an excellent and specialist service provided by Cats Protection in partnership with Dogs Trust. It operates in Greater London, Hertfordshire and Yorkshire. It is called the Dogs Trust Freedom Project. [Note to international … please continue reading

House of Lords debate cats and dogs

The House of Lords, the upper house of Parliament which checks draft legislation from the politicians who run the country and debates new legislation themselves, are currently involved in debating new laws to deal with the oversupply of cats and … please continue reading

PoC Comment Charity Scheme – September Donation

The total number of comments since May 25th 2012 on PoC is 19,252 at 10:30 GMT 30th Sept 2013. At the same time a month ago the comment total stood at 17,692. That makes 1,560 comments for September at 5 … please continue reading