NE Iowa cat lady rescues 3 abandoned cats in woodland

Rescuing cats

She is “Helping kitties in NE Iowa”. She’s charming. She is nice. She is doing great work in saving the lives of abandoned kitties in the US among other cat welfare activities: TNR and fostering. Great woman and, you know, there are lots of women like this in the US. There really are. They …

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Amazing and heartwarming before and after pictures of a rescued cat

This is a "before and after" montage of a cat that was rescued from the street and then looked after. You can see the stark difference

I do not think that you will see a better before and after couple of pictures of a cat that was rescued from the street and then adopted by the rescuer. These events happen sometimes and as we can see in this montage, the cat was in a terribly messy way which must have …

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Animal rescuers refused access to site of Hawaiian fire to find surviving cats

This is one cat which survived the Hawaiian wildfires on the island of Maui

Animal rescue groups on the Hawaiian island of Maui are being refused access to the disaster zone to search for surviving cats. The report comes from the Daily Mail in the UK. They say that it is an exclusive. Animal rescue groups are insistent that pet cats are still hiding out in Lahaina wreckage …

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See the transformation after 2 pounds of matted fur is removed from 14-year-old cat

cat fur

It’s rare that I report on ‘old news’ unless the story is extremely interesting. I came across this YouTube video posted April 18 and felt the need to share with the readers here at PoC. On December 16, 2016, the Humane Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh posted photos of a 14-year-old cat rescued after …

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Good Samaritans rescue newborn kittens and deliver them to local veterinarian

A group of Good Samaritans spent Wednesday morning being heroes for a family of newborn kittens. The crew at Hawks Motorsports (a company that specializes in all GM Performance Parts & Restoration) in Easley, South Carolina came across a mama kitty with her kittens. Unfortunately, the mother was accidentally scared and ran away, leaving …

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Bruce the cat: The heartwarming rescue story of a “color changing” kitten

This is the story of Bruce, a cat who has undergone several color changes since he was rescued by his “forever mom” at only one day old. He’s a very unusual kitty with a heartwarming rescue story. Bruce’s mom, Kathryn, lives in New Zealand. On November 3, 2015, she found Bruce alone on a footpath …

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Mississippi man has saved nearly 100 cats after starting free “cat stuck in a tree” rescue

Starkville story

Cat Stuck in Tree Rescue Mississippi, based in Starkville is exactly what it sounds like. A cat hero named Bob Reese offers his time and service free of charge to anyone within a three-hour radius. Since May 2013 Bob has rescued 98 cats, one coon dog, and one drone in his spare time. Some …

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