Potential Trump VP Kristi Noem defends shooting her dog

Kristi Noem

An internet story dating back 20 years details an incident involving potential Trump VP Kristi Noem, who reportedly shot her dog named Cricket on her South Dakota farm. She deemed the dog untrainable and dangerous, leading to its death in a gravel pit. Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, expressed dislike for the …

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Angst over possible ban of dachshund in Germany

Dachshund going for a walk in a beautiful park on a beautiful evening

You might know that in Germany they have a concept called “torture breeding“. In that country they believe that if breeders create animals which are inherently unhealthy they should be banned. It applies to certain cat breeds such as flat-faced Persians and the hairless Sphynx. This story from The Times does not refer to …

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Insights into how Messi, canine star of Anatomy of a Fall, acted in the film

Contini and Messi in a studio photo by Laura Martin Contini

Messi has become a canine film star thanks to his prominent role in the 2023 French legal drama/thriller film, directed by Justine Triet from a screenplay she co-wrote with Arthur Harari. The film has secured five Oscar nominations. Unsurprisingly, Messi is an 8-year-old, black-and-white border collie, a breed known for their intelligence. He lives …

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US animal shelter ‘industry’ accused of endemic uncaring attitude and corruption

Hope a Yorkshire terrier stolen by an animal control officer

Well, this is a bit of a shocker: Nathan Winograd says this about the animal shelter ‘industry’ in the US in commenting about an animal control officer who stole a dog: A New York animal control officer was arrested for stealing Hope, a family’s 9-year-old dog. After Hope was found by a neighbor and …

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WARNING: Animals targeted by Hamas terrorists (video)

Israeli soldier cradles a frightened kitten during the Hamas-Israel war of October 2023

This is difficult reading and viewing but we have to face up to it. We have to face the harsh reality of what we are doing. Innocent animals and children are the most tragic victims of this war. I have to issue a warning for this video. The warning is not present on YouTube …

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