Cats strike back against tiresome, disrespectful toddlers!

Cats fight back against babies

It had to come. Cats can take so much disrespect and mishandling. They’ve reached breaking point. Enough is enough. Bam. Splat. Take that! Pesky little kids. Leave me in peace. These are the possible thoughts of the cats in the video. That said, there are many great relationships between cats and toddlers. And I …

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Can domestic cats try and deceive each other?

Can and do domestic cats deceive each other?

Before answering the question, we have to define the word ‘deceive’. Definition: to deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain. I have never seen any cat behaviourists try to work out if domestic cats try to deceive each other. The activity of deception as carried out by …

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Cats with folded ears and flat-faced dogs to be banned in The Netherlands

Flat-faced dogs and cats with folded ears to be banned in NL

This news lightens my heart made heavy by legalised animal abuse. We all know that flat-faced dogs (and cats) and cats with folded ears (the Scottish Fold) are inherently unhealthy. We have known it for a long time. Their existence is a reflection of the attitude that cuteness trumps ill-health. That appearance is more …

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Infographic on ringworm notes plus a tip

Ringworm notes in an infographic

I have labelled this infographic ‘ringworm notes’ as it is a very compact note form image containing essential information about ringworm in cats which can and does infect humans, specifically the cat’s caregiver. I can remember a story in the news media (see link below) when a shelter director euthanised 14 cats to deal …

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Infographic on 9 emotions domestic cats feel and 1 they don’t

Emotions that domestic cats feel and one they don't

The issue of domestic cat emotions is a developing one. I think it fair to say that it is only over the past 5-10 years that the ‘experts’ have genuinely discussed feline emotions in the same way we discuss human emotions. There is a discussion, however, on whether cats experience emotions similar to those …

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Purpose, function and problems of domestic cat anal sacs

Domestic cat anal sacs

The thick, creamy, foul-smelling liquid which is light gray to brown in colour contained in the anal sacs is squeezed onto faeces when the cat defecates. This imparts a particular smell onto the faeces which acts as a calling card for the cat. The scent is particular to that individual cat allowing others to …

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Sphynx cats have a higher prevalence of certain ocular diseases compared to other feline breeds

Corneal sequestrum in a Persian cat

Introduction A lot of this was written by ChatGPT by the way, an AI chatbox owned by Elon Musk. The man is a genius and a super-workaholic. I am always interested in inherited diseases of purebred cats because I like medical stuff and I strongly disagree with cat breeding if it depends on inbreeding …

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