Woman knew her cat was dying so she placed her under her favourite bush in backyard

Wendy Boucher-Fischer writing on Quora.com describes how her cat Miss Kitty died of natural causes at the age of 20…

3 days ago

Picking a high quality cat food (if you’re resourceful enough)

Here's a list of criteria to select the best cat food based on the performance of the pet food manufacturers.

3 weeks ago

Pigeon lays a cat and protects her chick

A pigeon protects her chick who is a kitten. It is an interspecies friendship. One more. There are many.

4 weeks ago

Queen should adopt a few rescue cats to keep rats at bay at her crumbling palace

With rats infesting the Buckingham Palace kitchens it is time for the Queens to adopt three capable cats from Battersea…

4 weeks ago

Four cats survive devastating house fire by escaping through the ‘flap door’ of their Prince Rupert home

Four cats are lucky to be alive following a devastating house fire last week in downtown Prince Rupert, British Columbia…

1 month ago

Thanks to a pet detective, a bloodhound, and a service called Petsearcher, Surrey woman and her missing cat have been reunited

When Lisa van Vliet's cat Bear disappeared from her home in Surrey, British Columbia on May 26, she was afraid…

1 month ago

Nimbys object to new shelter for pets of abused owners

Local residents are objecting to the opening of a shelter for companion animals of victims of domestic abuse on the…

1 month ago

Asian cat meat marketeers sold infected cat meat to US government for toxoplasmosis testing on cats!

The whole ghastly process is horrible from whatever angle you look at it. A while ago I wrote about the…

4 months ago

For the sake of the planet, women should decide to stop reproducing

It's time to discuss the hitherto undiscussable: limiting population growth. Interestingly, in America, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has hinted at her interest…

4 months ago

The Intelligent Siamese Cat

  by Michael (London) Traditional Siamese cat - photo by fofurasfelinas (Flickr) see base of page for link This short…

4 months ago