Difference between domestic kittens and bobcat kittens

There is a bit of concern over the difference between normal domestic kittens, the offspring of a house cat, and…

1 week ago

Do jungle cats purr?

Yes, jungle cats purr but please read on...I am referring to the species of small cat called the 'jungle cat'…

2 weeks ago

Maine Coon – American Curl mix (hybrid) rescue cat

The message on the Instagram page of Friends for Life Rescue Network is that Rosalie has been adopted. She was…

3 weeks ago

VE Day celebrations – let’s remember the 400,000 pets killed on outbreak of World War II

The UK government, today, has encouraged Britons to deck their homes in red, white and blue bunting to celebrate VE…

4 weeks ago

What is the average size of a cat litter?

The average (and ideal) litter for a queen seems to be about four kittens. Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and…

1 month ago

Second city in China bans eating of cats and dogs because of coronavirus pandemic

Zhuhai a city in China bans cat and dog meat following Shenzhen thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2 months ago

Europeans and North Americans need to get angry about the live animal markets of Asia

People in Europe and North America and elsewhere should be angry about the live animal markets of Asia.

2 months ago

Nova Scotia veterinary clinic collects pets from cars and uses drive-through for drugs

NEWS AND OPINION - FROM CBC: A Nova Scotia veterinary clinic has taken extreme steps to prevent the transmission of…

3 months ago

Is it cruel to keep a cat in a cage at night?

The response depends on: What you mean by cat? Do you mean adult cats? Or do you man kittens? The…

3 months ago

Love Island ‘star’ asks vehicle drivers to be careful about cats on the road

NEWS/OPINION - UK: Metro.co.uk reports that Love Island 'star' Molly Mae - sorry they are not stars which is why…

3 months ago