African golden cat geographic range (updated)

African golden cat. Camera trap photo: Gary P. Aronsen, research associate in the Department of Anthropology at Yale University, USA

The African golden cat geographic range (distribution throughout the planet) is set out below in 2 maps to show the difference between 2009 and 2021, a time frame of 12 years. You’ll see quite a strong difference. Both are based on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ (Red List) website maps of 2009 …

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19 facts about the African golden cat

Famous Camera Trap Photo of African Golden Cat

Here are 19 succinct facts about the mysterious African golden cat. There’s more detailed information in other articles at the base of the page. Local people call the African golden cat the “boy of the leopard” or “the leopard’s brother” because they believe that it follows the leopard. Local people believe this cat species …

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African golden cat attacking red colobus monkey

A rare camera trap video of an African golden cat hunting and attacking a small monkey on the ground in a Ugandan park. This is a rare bit of vide footage of the highly elusive African golden cat, a small-medium sized wild cat species, hunting red colobus monkeys in Kibale National Park, Uganda. The …

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African Golden Cat Facts

Key Facts Body Length(mm) -720-940 Weight (kg) – 11-14 (male) average Litter Size – 1-2 average Life Span – No data Status – Least Concern Subspecies P.a.celidogaster – Central Africa P.a.aurata – West Africa The African Golden Cat is a medium sized cat and can grow to 90cm in body length and weigh up …

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