Borneo bay cat description infographic

Picture of a Borneo Bay cat

The important news about this rare wild cat species is that its habitat has been and continues to be systematically destroyed by human exploitation to make a range of products (see map below). Around 20 years ago in 2002, Fiona Sunquist (WIld Cats of the World) described this cat as “the world’s least known …

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Borneo Bay Cat Range

Pardofelis badia. © Joanna Ross and Andrew J. Hearn.

The Borneo Bay cat range, as at 2009, is presented in a Google My Maps map below. The range may have shrunk a little as at 2019, the date of republishing this page. This cat is also called the Bornean cat or Bay cat. The purpose behind presenting the range in a Google map …

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Bornean Bay Cat

Bay cat

Bornean Bay Cat – Photograph copyright Jim Sanderson, Ph.D – Please respect copyright. Below is a cleaned up and labelled version (this page has been upgraded on 4th July 2018): Introduction The “bay cat” is the world’s least know cat (felid). It is only found on the island of Borneo and that island is …

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