Can cheetahs swim?

Of course cheetahs can swim. All cats, domestic, feral and wild can swim well. As is the case for all…

4 weeks ago

Why should cheetahs be saved?

Would you ask, "Why should humans be saved?'. You wouldn't. It's only humans who ask these questions because we have…

1 month ago

Are cheetahs nocturnal?

Are cheetahs nocturnal? There isn't a black-and-white answer to this question. It depends on where the cheetahs are. Although cheetahs…

1 month ago

Are cheetahs faster than cars?

Are cheetahs faster than cars? The answer is Yes and No.

1 month ago

Do cheetahs live in the rainforest?

Cheetahs do not live in the rainforest. The map below shows you where the cheetah lives on the African continent…

1 month ago

Are cheetahs solitary?

The social organisation of cheetahs is unique among the wild cat species. Females are solitary unless they are looking after…

2 months ago

Picture of four grimacing cheetahs brothers crossing a swollen river

This is a great picture of four cheetah brothers crossing a fast moving and swollen river in the Massai Mara…

2 months ago

Can cheetahs be black?

Yes, cheetahs CAN (i.e. theoretically) be black but there aren't any today, in my opinion. Black cheetahs have been recorded…

3 months ago

Picture of cheetah joining tourists in the Serengeti is unsurprising

There's a picture in The Times newspaper today March 5, 2020 which I have taken the liberty of publishing on…

3 months ago

Success rate of cheetah hunts

Are cheetahs good hunters? Although cheetahs are generally more successful in hunting than other large wild cats, their success rate…

4 months ago