Clouded leopard

Are clouded leopards really leopards?

The answer is no and I'll explain why. The classification of the species is decided by experts and it is…

3 months ago

Pictures of two clouded leopard kittens and two caracal kittens

Two excellent photographs of two siblings of two different species of medium-sized wild cat: caracal and clouded leopard.

4 months ago

Can clouded leopards purr?

This video shows a clouded leopard purring in my opinion although it is a typically rough edged (harder and deeper)…

5 months ago

Baby Clouded Leopards (picture)

They are Columbus Zoo's precious 1-month-old clouded leopards kittens; their latest arrivals. Their coats are magnificent. The adult clouded leopard…

1 year ago

Clouded Leopard Lap Cat

This is a cute cat picture with a difference because the cat is a clouded leopard who looks adoringly into…

4 years ago

Where Do Clouded Leopards Live?

This map shows you where clouded leopards live. It is in the form a globe so you can get a…

8 years ago

What is a cat’s tail for?

Although: it is used for 'normal movement'¹ and the tail reflects emotions through boy language, and provides signals to other…

8 years ago

Clouded Leopard

  Overview With the margay, the clouded leopard is probably the best tree climber of all the wildcats. It is…

8 years ago

Modern Clouded Leopard Conservation

by Michael (London, UK) Clouded Leopard Cub - photo by Smithsonian's National Zoo Is modern clouded leopard conservation gradually confining…

8 years ago

First Public Film of Clouded Leopard

by Michael (London, UK) 13th Feb 2010: This brief post contains a fascinating piece of video that is the first…

8 years ago