Male and female rural domestic cats behave somewhat like lions

Cat queens mutual support and cooperation

A couple of scientific reports indicate to me that when the domestic cat is left to their own devices such as in rural locations e.g. as barn cats, their behaviour is very similar to that of lions living in the African Serengeti. People think of lion pride behavior as unique in the cooperation between …

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5 ways lions deal with heat

Lion with small mane seeking shelter in sparse shade while panting

How do lions keep cool? I can think of the following five reasons but please add yours if possible: Perhaps the most obvious and effective method is that lions appear to be primarily nocturnal. Although there is no hard and fast rule as to when they are active. There are several factors as to …

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How long can lions go without water?

Lion pride

Lions normally drink water every day if it is available. When researchers have observed prides of lions in the Serengeti and the nearby Ngorongoro Crater they drank after every meal. Although lions can manage without drinking water when it is scarce. Lions live in a semi-desert habitat and even in desert. Under these circumstances …

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