Woman captures lion with bare hands in Kuwait and carries it down the street

Woman carries pet lion down Kuwaiti street

Location: Sabahiya a suburb of Kuwait City, Kuwait, Middle East. The title to this article is click bait. I am not immune to using click bait from time to time. But the video is remarkable. It’s on Twitter and it shows a Kuwaiti woman capturing and carrying a subadult lion down the street at …

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World Cup Qatar 2022 Sheikh’s son invites British fan to palace to see pet lions

Pet lion cub in palace in Qatar during the World Cup 2022

Young fan said: “We met one of the Sheikh’s sons & he took us back to the palace!” 😮. He was mooching around the area where the tournament is taking place and the Sheikh’s son invited them to the palace (I guess one of them) and at the palace was a menagerie apparently of …

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