Oncilla mates with Geoffroy’s cat and mated with the pampas cat

The oncilla in the south of Brazil currently mates with Geoffroy’s cat (L. geoffroyi) creating a hybrid, while the oncilla in the northeast of Brazil in ancient times mated with the pampas cat (L. colocolo)¹. Currently there is a relatively small overlap in the distributions of the oncilla and Geoffroy’s cat. The southern oncillas don’t mix …

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Pampas Cat Description (and black melanistic pampas cat)

Although you will see three clean and clear photographs of the pampas cat below, visitors should know that the coat colour, pattern and texture can vary substantially across the range of this cat species which extends almost the entire length of South America. The coat of the cat illustrated below is long and it …

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Pampas Cat

Pampas Cat and Taxonomy Taxonomy is about the classification of species and there seems to be uncertainty in this area with respect to this cat. The Sunquists (albeit in 2002) classify the cat as being in the genus Oncifelis, while the Red List of Threatened Species™ (Red List) place this cat in the genus …

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