Mountain Lions Are Dangerous Creatures

Mountain Lions Are Dangerous Creatures by Daniel (Phoenix, AZ) Mountain lions are dangerous creatures. I can appreciate the warnings, and even your respect for the animal, but I can’t agree with blaming men for every attack (see Mountain Lion Attack). It’s just as much in our nature to expand our territory as it is …

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I saw a Florida panther in Marion Oaks, Florida

by Jonathan Figueroa (Tampa FL.) I know this sound unreal but me and one other person about 15 years ago each spotted a “Florida panther” in Marion Oaks, Florida in the western side of Marion County, Florida. I know the difference between a panther and a bobcat. There are huge differences across the board …

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Black Cats in Kentucky.

by Nancy Thompson (Paintsville,Ky. U.S.A.) I live in Eastern Kentucky (Lawrence County) and all my life I have heard members of my family talk about sightings of the Black Panther. My grandmother talked of seeing them while walking home after dark. My grandfather has seen them while out working the farm or while in …

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