Infographic on making zoos better places for big cats

Tiger at a zoo

This is a compact infographic on making zoos better places for big cats. Many zoos in the West and developed countries have almost certainly adopted these techniques and more but we don’t have to look far to find abysmal zoos in developing countries which are frankly examples of animal cruelty where big cats pace …

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In Thailand tigers have lighter flames put under their noses to force their heads up for selfies

Cigarette lighter flame placed under the nose of a captive tiger to make them lift their head

NEWS AND VIEWS: In a crass example of animal cruelty in Thailand, Lady Freethinker has exposed the objectionable practice of stuffing cigarette lighter flames under the noses of tigers to force them to lift up their heads for pictures with tourists. It’s unimaginable and not only is it a violation of animal welfare laws …

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Pet tiger wanders around West Huston, Texas and residents reach for their guns. Great picture.

Tiger roaming around West Houston having escaped someone's home where they were a pet

HOUSTON, TEXAS USA – NEWS AND VIEWS: It appears that a Houston resident kept a tiger as a pet and the tiger escaped leading to sightings of it wandering around the suburbs of Houston looking in, my opinion, nervous and not aggressive as described by some. The video shows the big cat on a …

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Why are white tigers white?

White tiger

It is believed that white tigers are white because of the result of a genetic mutation which occurred about 120 years ago causing a pair of recessive genes to signal the coat to be chalk-white, the eyes ice-blue and the stripes chocolate coloured (I.W.B Thorton – 1978 – White tiger genetics – further evidence). …

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White Tiger Desperate For Human Company

Captive white tiger desperate for human company

I interpret this captive white tiger’s behaviour as indicating that he/she is desperate for company and specifically human company. This is probably a tame tiger. Perhaps she was raised in captivity. However, it is clear that she is alone far too much. Having experienced human company she expects it and even depends on it. …

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