Protect leopards from falling into open wells in India!

When are Indians going to put fences around wells to stop leopards falling into them?

OPINION – Guwahati, Kamrup Metropolitan, India: As I read the news media daily about cats, I not infrequently read stories about leopards falling into deep wells in India. Fortunately, the animal is often hauled to safety with a lot of effort from local people if they have survived. The only reason why leopards fall …

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Leopard kept on biting the cheek, ear and head of erotic model

Troja and Jessica

EASTERN GERMANY – NEWS AND COMMENT: An erotic model has been scarred for life after a captive leopard at a retirement home for show animals attacked her. She was inside the leopard’s enclosure at the time doing a photoshoot. At one stage the authorities thought that the leopard had escaped but that was not …

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Are black panthers dangerous to humans?

Poggi and Dasha

Background “Black panthers” normally refers to melanistic leopards. These are leopards that are born black (dark charcoal) because of a genetic mutation. They are called melanistic leopards. I’m referring to the common leopard. Although the term “black panther” can also refer to other big cats black pumas or jaguars. The black jaguar is frequently …

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Picture of the death of a leopard – the human/leopard conflict

The death of a leopard due to the human-leopard conflict

The photograph shows a group of men surrounding a dead leopard. The news headline is ‘Human-leopard conflicts increase’. Macho men like to demonstrate their courage and skill in killing leopards who wander into urban environments. This is where a lot of the direct human-leopard conflict takes place. You see many disturbing pictures of leopards …

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Leopard hunts and attacks pet dog inside home

Leopard attacks dog inside home

This is Mumbai, India where they have a compact nature reserve very near or inside the city. There are leopards inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I am guessing but it seems likely that the leopard in the video wandered out of the reserve into someone’s home looking for food. I seems remarkable and …

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Leopard kills Buddhist monk meditating under a tree

Buddhist monk killed by leopard during morning prayers

Three Buddhist monks were meditating under a tree in a forest about 510 miles west of the state capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, within a protected reserve for leopards and tigers and where four other fatal attacks have occurred in recent weeks. The monks had ignored warnings from officials about going too far into the …

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