Wild cat species – full list and detailed discussion

Caracal killed by leopard

There are between 36-41 species of wild cat depending upon how you classify them. The classification of the cats (called taxonomy) is still somewhat in discussion although more settled than before. Genetic molecular analysis has allowed scientists to be more precise about classifying cat species. This has reduced the number of species. I think …

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South African animal welfare chief accused of animal cruelty

Lions with total mange on John Steinman's farm in SA

This is a case of horrendous hypocrisy and equally horrendous animal neglect, abuse and cruelty. The story also highlights, once again, the state of disarray, corruption and animal exploitation that takes place in South Africa with respect to lions. It is a great shame and a travesty of animal rights that the lion, one …

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Borneo Bay Cat Range

Pardofelis badia. © Joanna Ross and Andrew J. Hearn.

The Borneo Bay cat range, as at 2009, is presented in a Google My Maps map below. The range may have shrunk a little as at 2019, the date of republishing this page. This cat is also called the Bornean cat or Bay cat. The purpose behind presenting the range in a Google map …

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Bobcat Sounds

How do bobcat hunt?

This page deals with bobcat sounds (vocal communication) and extends to other forms of communication, which are visual marks and olfactory signals. These forms of communication inform others of the cat’s occupation of a territory and helps to avoid encounters with other cats. They can also bring bobcats together. Communication through scent and sight …

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Northern Lynx Facts

Beautiful Eurasian lynx

Location People search for ‘Northern Lynx Facts’. Here they are! The page is accordingly deliberately short. The scientific name is Lynx lynx. This medium sized wildcat is also known as the Eurasian lynx and was originally called that but since the species is found across northern Asia, from Norway to Mongolia, it was decided …

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