Wild Cat Species

World’s only short-tailed jaguar

NEWS AND VIEWS: You might have thought that I was discussing a genetically mutated jaguar in Belize and Guatemala which…

2 days ago

4th-century mosaic of leopard attacking an antelope to stay in Britain

It is hoped that a Roman mosaic from the 4th-century of a leopard attacking an antelope, which was discovered in…

5 days ago

Did this lioness try and revive the unborn calf of the mother she killed?

Whether this lioness tried to revive the unborn antelope turns on whether she felt remorse, an advanced emotion.

1 week ago

How much land do tigers need?

The home range size of female tigers in Nagarahole NP where there are or were high prey densities is about…

2 weeks ago

You can identify a lion by its roar

A lion's roar has a unique footprint which can only be associated to a particular individual lion. It reminds me…

2 weeks ago

Video of female puma with cubs defending her family against a jogger

This is a nice video of a female puma with cubs defending her family against what she considered to be…

2 weeks ago

Wild cat species in Wisconsin

Can bobcats be orange? Can bobcats be white? Can bobcats be black? The only wild cat species breeding and living…

2 weeks ago

Man-eating tigers in India 2020

There are man-eating tigers in India in 20201. This doesn't surprise me seeing as the population of India has climbed…

2 weeks ago

Are caracals legal in the UK?

Licences are required for all animals listed under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. The caracal is listed under the…

2 weeks ago

Are caracals legal in Washington state?

The Washington State Department of Agriculture's website states that it is illegal to possess wild animals. The caracal is a…

2 weeks ago