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Catio Cat Enclosures

by Gail
(Boston, USA)

Happy Cat on his catio - photo courtesy Catio Showcase

While searching for some uplifting cat news this morning, I happened to come across an email from the Care2 Healthy & Green Newsletter. Within that newsletter came a wonderful website which shows how easy it is to build a "catio" for one's feline companion to enjoy all that is outdoor while still being safe.

For those of us who live in areas too unsafe for cats to be indoor/outdoor felines, or in countries where cats are killed for sport (see the Ugandan story), this seems like the perfect alternative. Credit is also given for the photo, which is also from the Catio Showcase website.

What do you think?

See: Catio Showcase


Hi Gail... I for one love catios although I had never heard of them until you told me!

I am a firm advocate of cat enclosures as the best compromise in the modern world for a cat to get a near normal and natural life while remaining safe.

Finn Frode is building one at his new home. Ruth and Babz have built one. I would love to build one and when I get the opportunity (freehold property) will do so.

Thanks for showing us the catio.

Catio cat enclosures to Cat News

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Catio Cat Enclosures

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Jun 22, 2010 Catio Enclosure
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

The one thing I sorely miss from the old 1st floor apartment is the screened-in side porch. Sadie would amuse herself for hours watching the world go by. I could leave the kitchen door open to the porch and she'd come and go as her mood suited. The birds and squirrels would chatter at her, the dogs would watch her from her lofty perch near the ceiling (top of upright freezer) and the neighborhood kids would talk to her through the screen. It was Sadie's nirvana.

Alas! The present dwelling has a 2nd floor open back porch that I cannot enclose due to it being a right-of-way exit shared with the adjacent unit. That's why I take her out there with me in a full body harness and leash. I haven't figured out how to install a catio yet, not from a lack of trying. The porch is not very big - long and narrow; my end happens to be a landing shared with next door. Since it's also a fire exit, erecting an enclosure is out of the question. Any suggestions?

Jun 22, 2010 patios
by: Kathy

We have started letting Lia and Rory out onto the patio with us only when we are there with them. Lia is content for a while. Since he is the inspector cat eventually he becomes bored and jumps over the railing to try to inspect the neighbors houses. He runs right over to the neighbors screen patio doors to stare inside his house. It's not a problem with the neighbor or his cat. We run to retreive him because Rory wont be on there by herself and she freaks out. Also we have been battleling fleas. They all have flea spot on and have been given baths. The fleas just wont give up. Rory becomes bored after a short time and wants back inside. After a few escape jumps Lia then becomes content to just sit with us and enjoy the outside. We go out in the evening when its not too hot for them. The catio is a great idea.

Jun 22, 2010 Catio Cat Enclosures
by: Teddy

Hi Gail,

thank you for that article. It has given me an idea on how i can protect my cats.Someone is giving me another cat and i am stil thinking about how i can keep them safe without looking for them all the time.


Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in a many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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