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“Catmas” is just a few weeks away: Some Safety Tips from Our Kitties — 4 Comments

  1. Great idea to remind us of all the dangers. When I was a kid I never heard of any of them. I don’t celebrate Christmas like I used to, but I remember that the cats (my girlfriend and I) had loved the decorations and mood of the time. They even seemed to like wearing the special Santa caps and reindeer antlers we put on them; or they liked our delight about them.

  2. Great advice. Several years ago I had an artificial tree that I put up. No decorations, this was the cats’ tree. Ziggy Fraud would pull off some of the lower branches and make a bed while watching the youngsters race through the the rest of the branches and pull some off. When they had removed so many, they didn’t have fun, I would put all the branches back and they would do it again. Many pictures were taken of little cat faces peering out from the branches. There are no more trees as there are now special needs kitties in residence and it would be too dangerous for them to be climbing trees. There are, however, a few small potted plants (like catnip) for them to tear up and play with.

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