Cats and dogs pleased to be saved from the abuse of a couple of women

“The cats were literally jumping into my arms. There were so ready to be out of the situation. And the dogs, once we literally picked them up, you could feel the relief in their little bodies like okay we’re getting out of this.” – Sonia of Last Hope Animal Rescue

Curtis 1 and 2 charged with animal abuse. Photo:
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This case, from Iowa, USA, is interesting because it concerns a couple of women working hand-in-hand and they appear to be related because their names are Kimberly Curtis, aged 46 and Karen Curtis, aged 56. The pair face 28 counts of animal neglect after more than a dozen cats and dogs were found dead in their Bremer County home in America.

As is usual, neighbours raise concerns about the condition of the many cats and dogs living at the home and within a detached garage.

The police and animal rescue staff discovered 15 dead cats and dogs at the home while 13 of them were rescued alive.

Two of the cats
Two of the cats


The commentary, above, by Sonia working for Last Hope Animal Rescue who was involved in the rescue of these cats and dogs is telling. It tells us that these companion animals were understandably stressed and distressed by the conditions under which they were kept.

Once again, it shows a complete lack of sensitivity towards the emotions of animals by people who profess to, and who should, know better. People involved in animal rescue need to be of the right caliber otherwise they achieve the exact opposite to their desired goal which is to improve the welfare of animals.

Exact location

611 E. First Street, Sumner, Bremer county, Iowa, USA.

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