Cats and Earthquake Awareness

by Susie Bearder
(Lorca, Spain)

I thought that Jessie was having hormone problems as she would not come in the house, preferring to sleep in the long grass all night instead of her usual place between my partner and me – and the Westie for that matter.

Two days later we experienced an earthquake of 5.3 Richter Scale, a prior one had been about 4.4 and a small series of aftershocks for about 24 hours that we were aware of.

However as of last night she was back in her usual place and I have decided to trust and let out my breath at last. Are there any other stories of cat warning signs of impending natural phenomena?

And please give a passing thought to the people and cats and other animals who are living lives in parks at present.


Hi Susan… thanks a lot for this. It is really nice to hear first hand experience of this. There are a good number of stories of cats predicting earthquakes.

This is another story from Kathy:

My Cat Sensed Forthcoming Illinois Earthquake

And this is an article by Elisa:

Can Cats Predict Disaster, Disease or Death?

And here is another about a cat sensing an oncoming fit.

Cats have very sensitive sensory organs: hearing and smell. They are very intuitive.

They can pick up stuff that we cannot and have a different kind of intelligence. I think most people don’t recognize these skills.

My thoughts go out to the relatives of people killed by the earthquake and the homeless and injured. It is the first time I have heard of an earthquake in Spain. Sadly, I think people have got a bit blasé about earthquakes after the Japanese one.

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