Cats and Familiars Part 2: Wiccans and Witches

by Elisa Black

Photo added by Michael (Admin) - Photo by Joyce Sammons

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Photo added by Michael (Admin) - Photo by Joyce Sammons

This article and the one that follows on Satanic cults and cats are very in depth concerning Wiccans and Witches and the differences between the three. Hopefully my readers will find it educational. Hopefully it will clear up the mystery and misconceptions between the three. A common misconception is all belong in the same category but the subject is more complex than most give it credit for. (see Part 1 here: Cats as Familiars)

Familiar (noun): a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person.

It can be any animal or anything containing live energy such as a plant. They are most commonly a cat, dog, toad, owl or mouse.

The familiar will be referred to as a cat for the remainder of this article. Here I have gathered information as a reference for further research for those interested. I cannot verify everything in this article is correct. I am not a Wiccan, a witch nor do I worship Satan. These are three very different sects who make up a part of society in the United States and I believe in the end one part or another affects cats.

All three use cats in their ceremonies. The old age spelling of Magick is used here because that is the way it is spelled to serious researchers of the occult.

This article was originally planned to discuss all three together and had to be broken down into two topics. I did this because the information is too important to worry with word count maximums. Here I will discuss Wiccans and Witches in general. A link to the Satanic cults will be tied into this story at some point.


Wicca (noun): a Neopagan religion and a form of modern witchcraft which began in the early part of the 20th century and officially recognized as a religion in the 1950's.

The best sites I have found describing the Wiccan religion (who many believe are practitioners of "white magick" is Reference 1).

The subject goes much deeper than casting love spells. Their beliefs include a love of nature and deep spirituality-both in themselves and in all they encounter. They respect those with wisdom and leadership ability. Their goal is to reach the highest level of self knowledge without harming others or nature. They do not practice black magick or worship the devil or God. Most are vegetarians. Wicca is a recognized religion began by Gerald Gardner during the 1950's and more of its history can be found at Reference 2.

It is the norm to recognize all Wiccans as witches but not all witches are Wiccans. More information on this can be found at Reference 3. I don't intentionally intend any misuse of these two very similar yet different beliefs and practices. I'm just making an attempt to explain the differences as well as the similarities without anyone getting mad at me.

If I have placed cats as familiars information into one sect and it belongs more to another again I apologize. There are only 2 things I'm trying to express. Wiccans and witches love cats. Satanists don't and sacrifice them.

Most of my research on this subject is in agreement with each other and therefore overlapping. Because of this I list some of my references at the point in the article where they occur and others at the end.

Both Wiccans and witches have an intense love of nature, spirituality and search for inner peace and knowledge. This is why many have chosen cats as familiars. What other animal could be more perfect? Having a cat inside the magick circle improves the mood of the witch by reducing negative energy. The cat is also used in divination, locating lost objects, diagnosing the sick and warning the witch to any unseen entities. It has special magick bestowed upon it and can help the witch with the energy needed for spell casting. Cats can come and go outside the witches circle without disrupting the energy.

Unlike the history of non pagan religions (mainly Christianity), Wiccans do not consider the cat as a low level demon or spirit. The cat is usually a pet attuned to the witch thru a spiritual bond. Some do not like to call a familiar a "pet" as this can be disrespectful to the cat. The cat is performing an essential part of the magick and works on a voluntary basis as it can go where people cannot.

A witch's cat serves only its master. In most cases the cat picks the witch-not the other way around. A cat can feel the energy sent out by the witch and is in tune to the one person who needs it. Most research shows the witch can only have one familiar at one time. She may have several cats but only one will have that special quality. This cat will stay with the witch it's entire life. Witches believe if the cat just up and walks away it wasn't a familiar because the relationship between the two is a life long bond. Some speculate that the familiar only stays as long as needed and then goes on its way. I personally argue there is never a time when a person doesn't need the comfort of a cat. If the witch should die first the cat will walk away and find someone else in need of it's services. Again I believe a cat and witch form an eternal bond between the two. Should the cat die first the witch may dream of it for years. Even death cannot part them.

witches familiar
Furby pretending that he is a witches familiar
Photo by Joyce Sammons


There are major differences between the familiar serving a witch who practices magic and the cat that serves a Wiccan. Just as there are many types of witches including fairy, hedge and kitchen. White Witches are believed to practice good magick to benefit others while Black Magic is performed to harm another. Most witches believe in the power of three-fold. Anything done will come back on you three times. Cats are used by both to assist with their spells.

Many involved state that neither calling oneself a witch nor heredity alone can make one a witch. Others claim their knowledge of the craft was handed down from generation to generation but it has to be earned and not simply granted by blood. It may take years of practice to become witch and there is no diploma or degree awarded for passing a witch test.

A major difference between Wiccans and witches is the recognition of God. Wiccans do not believe in God or Satan as separate entities while witches are more solitary in practice and don't have a step by step ceremony that is common in Wiccan ceremonies. Most practice either alone or in a small coven. A witch can be a man or a woman and can belong to another religion. There are even Christians who practice witchcraft on the side.

One point that caught my attention was on a "dark" witch was rather disturbing. One reference stated if a dark witch should lose a familiar that witch cannot memorize any spells until the animal is found. Should the familiar be found dead the dark witch can ask the demonic forces for an immediate replacement. These are the witches who have earned cats a bad name. They believe the cat was sent by Satan and/or is occupied by a demon. Therefore they are entitled to an immediate replacement. They also use the cat to practice dark magick to harm others. Witches also love their cats. For more on the history of the dark witch check out Reference 4.

About 20 years ago I knew a dark witch and I have known people in the past who take part in their rituals. I was even invited to a ritual. That will never happen. Let's just say I fully believe in their power because I have witnessed it by a cult member who held a very ordinary job. One member who worked for the same organization I worked for was written up for a routine violation of company policy. The supervisor was involved in a wreck before getting out of the parking lot. The employee I worked with smiled when I asked her if she was responsible for the accident. Coincidence or not?

I don't know any dark witches who use cats as familiars and it's not a subject to casually ask around about. In light of this let me say I will never knowingly have anything to do with them. As long as they stay away from me and me stay away from them we'll all be fine.

Unless they mess with my cat


See comment 1 for sources

Cats and Familiars Part 2: Wiccans and Witches to Cat Facts

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Cats and Familiars Part 2: Wiccans and Witches

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Feb 12, 2012
my familiar was murdered NEW
by: Anonymoushaven

Last September, my beloved familiar KIRBY was caught and poisoned.I am still very upset,and want justice. As far as I know there have been 3 other cats that met Kirby's fate.I am a psychic and an aspiring witch.Kirby' absence has caused great pain tremendous sadness.MY husband and I have 9 other darling cats and they are very loved.My boy,my son, my little boy, was 11. And our bond was beyond this physical world, beyond time and space.

Sep 05, 2011
to valerie
by: theodore bryce arias

a cat has started following me and i believe it is the element of fire. I am new to all this but i know ur the one im supposed to talk to

Jan 26, 2011
My familiar's found me
by: Foundbyfamilir

This article was very interesting. I believe my familar found me...and actually I had two cats come to me. They were both strays and what I originally thought were a male and female kitten, only a couple months old, turned out to be a mom and her son (mom is super tiny). They wouldn't let anyone else touch them but me. They both came right up to me and rubbed up against my leg. I picked them both up, took them home and they have been the most loving, awesome cats. The male follows me around and grooms me and has to be snuggled up against me when he sleeps. I've given up trying to figure out what reincarnated person/being he may be. I will never know...I just feel so blessed the Goddess and God sent me these two kitty's when I needed them most...or I guess I should say allowed them to be able to find me by putting us in the same town at the same time. (I don't even live there. The neighbor's son happened to catch them in a cage at his apartments and brought them to his mom's..whom lives right next to my mom.) They let them out and they wouldn't get near anyone again...until I came down to visit...from an hour and a half away. Blessed are we three indeed!

Dec 30, 2010
Great Info for knowing
by: Suejay

I have always had cats but the one in my life now is very special and protective. I have recently met and found love with a man that has come into my world. My cat who was raised by my dog has dog like tendencies from time to time. He loves to play boxing with my guy. Lately, however, my kitty cat has become very aggressive and seeks his safety spot when he has had enough. My guy has attempted to dishonor my request of leave my kitty cat alone when he seeks refuge. I really don't like the fact that I have to guard my cat because my guy finds pleasure in some kind of hand game of tapping and smacking. My guy has even started calling my cat "brutus". What can I do to put a stop to this? I do not want my kitty cat fighting, but my guy and the cat playfight

Dec 11, 2010
Response to lady with shaved cats
by: Selena

Hey - I know you have an aversion to magick, which I'm sure probably extends to Wicca, but you should try seeking the help of a witch to unjinx/unhex you by breaking the hex/jinx/curse. If they know what their doing and aren't bad they will abide by the rule of 3 and only break the jinx, not send it back. (Sending it back would come back on you and the witch three times worse) If you want, I would do it for you. If you'd like me to please respond to this and I'll make an email for you to contact me on. Blessed be.

Oct 12, 2010
Satanists DO NOT sacrifice cats...
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry but i couldn't help but notice that you referred to satanists as cat killers and that statement is entirely unfounded and untrue. I know multiple satanists and their entire philosophy is about doing whatever they want as long as they don't harm ANYONE or ANYTHING else, including cats. Sorry just thought i'd point that out.

*Silver Maple

Sep 06, 2010
My cats have been hurt by voodoo
by: Anonymous

I dated voodoo priest very briefly until my concience got to me and I stood up for the Lord Jesus Christ and stoped seeing him.This angered him so much(I think they hate me just because I am a outspoken christian)I have had Many spells cast on me and my family also,They come i9n my house when Im not here and shave my 2 cats hair just around the ears and eyes (it wierd) and every since the first time they messed with my cats,(I dont know excactly what they did,but I can see where they shave on them,many times)My cats bodies are bound up really tight,they seem to be going blind and are always in pain.This bothers me sooo much,but what can I do?They have been harrasing me now for years!!I gave up on the police,they dont help me.
Praying brings some relief at times,but Im afraid my cats will always be in pain and they might die!
This is really true,so please dont think Im crazy.Does anyone know how to help?They have harmed me in many ways also,too many to say here.I wonder when and if they will ever stop.Please advise me if you can. thank you

Aug 09, 2010
Bright Blesseings
by: Lady Firestorm

Merry Meet to all of you in the world. I love your article darling. I myself am Pagan i love how you split the line in wicca witches and satanism, and to be honest its all the same thing there really is no good and evil just a balance between light and dark. Everyone needs balance even the earth. Prey and Predator, night Dark ETC Cats are wonderful as Familiars I just found my familiar to be exact and he is only 6 weeks old! His mother abandoned the litter and i was drawn to the spot and there he was one week of age eyes not even open and the only one in the litter alive(I did check because no animal should be harmed like that) i am so blessed that the lord and lady sent him to me after 23 years of looking! and if anyone who reads this article wants to know more they can e-mail me Un***************@ya***.com and adress it ATTN Lady Firestorm

Blessed be and THANKYOU for the wonderful article

Merry Part

Lady Firestorm

Apr 16, 2010
Cats and the Elements
by: Valerie

Consider what element of Nature your cat, or cats, represent, as they are also a source of strength. The four elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind have found me, and the result has been a phenomenon, to say the least. The ultimate balance has been struck in my life. It took me a while to understand why and how things had changed after the acquistion of the fourth cat, but the cats themselves made it evident that they each represented a specific element, through their personalities and behaviors. You can write me off as another whacko cat-lady, but the loss is yours if you ignore the signs.

Jan 30, 2010
Magnificent Creatures
by: Kevin Gerard

Very nice.

I've always thought cats to be mysterious and unpredictable. If you want to see some really amazing magic cats, check out this website:

Jan 28, 2010
Check out this site
by: Elisa Black

Server not found - sorry May 2013...
This lists the executed witches by country. Its really interesting.

Jan 27, 2010
Cats and Familiars Part-2
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Thanks Elisa.Black for educating me on the subject of " Witches and Wiccans" as existing in Western Society, also their relationship with cats. I am from India, largely known as a "Mystical land" with numerous religious sects having their own rituals and superstitions. Just yesterday, i was watching a documentary on "History channel" regarding witchcraft practices of certain sect of Hindu Sadhus in India and was surprised at their admission to certain cult practices, including consumtion of human flesh.I, being an Indian was learning this fact through "Telivision" which proves the educative power of 21st century media, the latest invention being the "INTERNET". Cats have always had a sinister place in human society since ancient times and even in some films, the cat accompanies the "VILLAIN' as in "Enter the Dragon" , "Dr No" and "Michael.Jackson music videos". A cat is the only human pet that owns its owner and not vice-versa as with "Dog owners", hence we humans are mystified by its nature. As for cats and most pets having certain "EXTRA-SENSORY POWERS" is a proven fact and i myself have experienced it on numerous occasions, having had pets in our household since child-hood.
Rudolph avatar

Jan 27, 2010
I worked with several
by: Elisa Black

Even had one who was a best friend. Also had one live behind me about 10 years ago. They're highly skilled in herbal medicine. I think that was the reason so many were accused in history. I even found one site that listed all those burned in Europe by NAME. It's fascinating they kept records.

The Wiccans I worked with wore a necklace with their symbol but they wore it under their clothing so it didn't show.

These days I don't get too fired up with anyone unless they're trying to hurt an animal. I really think I could kill someone if they hurt my pets.

Jan 27, 2010
A Wicca by any other name may be a spiritual naturalist
by: Brooke

I think that some people that cannot fully accept a cat for what a cat offer us may claim them as unintelligent, indifferent, selfish, magical or delivers of EVIL. Those that embrace a cat for what they offer us WILL KNOW them as wise, guardian angles, familiars, magical and a best friend. I am sorry Wiccans and Witches have a bad rap because from my little understanding they seem to respect and translate nature? With all that it is no wonder why they may seek the help and comfort of a cat.

Jan 27, 2010
the power of cats
by: kathy

My cat always know when something is going on with me. He will sleep close to me or near my head. When I had that neck injury he slept close to my head. Last night I was very depressed because our Savannah kitten is very aggresive and doesnt seem to be getting any tamer. The breeder has 2 other kittens and he suggested maybe a switch. The thought had already entered my mind to ask him of such. She is part of our family but her aggresivness is beginning to get me down. I cant hold her or even pet her. The breed attitude I have taken into consideration that she would never be a 'lap cat". But not being able to pick her up or take her out of her cage is really getting depressing. I feel hurt as to the fact that I cant bring her around to even take a treat from my hand. I keep trying and trying. She growls and actually has swatted my hand when I try to give her a treat. She loves the treats but will only take them if you put them on the floor. Last night I felt very bad and my Lia slept right next to me or on me all night. He also sometimes has come into my dreams, somwhat like a familiar would do.

Jan 27, 2010
Cats and Familiars Part 2: Wiccans and Witches - Sources
by: Elisa Black

Sources for the above article other than stated:

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  1. i have a question im a wiccan and im confused i have a speacial bond with my cat i can command her and we can red each othere mind i am a air witch and my spirit anaiaml id a crow

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