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  2. My husband wants to put chemicals on our back lawn in the worst way, but I won’t let him because that’s Monty’s area. No one can see it from the road anyway, it is completely fenced. I had a couple of people from a lawn service knock on my door and they told me they would fertilize and kill weeds at the same time and my lawn would look great. I kept asking how that would affect pets, and they said that once it rains it would be fine. I said that my cat eats a lot of grass and they wouldn’t make any promises in that case. They said if he is ingesting it they could give no guarantee of safety even following a rain. But they still kept trying to sell their service to me. I told them I might consider doing something with the front lawn (to appease my husband) but they said that area is too small and they would have to do the back also. Again, I said I have a cat who eats grass. Although they couldn’t promise it would be safe for Monty they still were very pushy.

    Personally, I don’t get all this fascination with grass and perfect lawns. I am so tired of people watering their grass during this drought. I thought I heard that we are not supposed to be watering grass or washing cars because of the drought, but you see it all the time and no one gets fined. Watering your grass is the biggest waste of water there is. Once it rains, the grass gets green and grows again. If it isn’t raining, everyone else has brown grass too, and if you water, your lawn will look odd for being green in the middle of a drought. I think wasting our precious fresh water supplies on grass is foolish at best and may actually be immoral. It is certainly wasteful. Putting chemicals on the grass is just as stupid, in my opinion. As long as you keep it mowed fairly short you can’t really notice any weeds anyway. I don’t get this need to destroy certain plants as weeds in favor of other plants where you’re object isn’t to grow food. I can see weeds being an issue if they’re choking out your tomato plants– but grass? If the weeds are green and the grass is green and from a distance you can’t really tell one from the other, who really cares? I’m just not a gardener, I guess.

    Also, I spent much of my childhood playing in the ravine by my parent’s house among all the weeds and wildflowers down there. I kind of like that some of those same plants are growing in my back yard. The grass gets cut, but along the sides of the yard are kind of wild areas with trees and wild plants and few perennials planted by a former owner many years ago. To me it feels like the ravine and Monty and I just have a blast back there. I don’t see how I could enjoy it more if I changed it into a well manicured garden, and I certainly would never risk Monty’s health for the sake of some stupid grass.

    • YES, I agree with every word you write…The law service guys don’t really care about safety. What they really, really care about is profit. And I prefer wild, natural places to man-made artificial spaces….Michael

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