Cats are Better than Kids — Discuss

Cats are Better than Kids — Discuss

by Michael
(London, UK)

Family harmony - kids sort out the cats' toys - photo by ex.libris (Flickr)

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Family harmony - kids sort out the cats' toys - photo by ex.libris (Flickr)

Time for a bit if fun (and seriousness rolled together). I think cats are better than kids but then I would. Actually, I find kids very noisy and irritating these days especially in supermarkets screaming down the aisles, misbehaving badly while their mother does nothing at all about it. It's just me being a bit grumpy but it wouldn't have happened 40 years ago.

There are a gazillion reasons why cats are better than kids and some reasons why kids are better than cats. Firstly, though adopting a cat is a choice "thing". For many people it is like deciding to have a new kitchen. Whereas deciding to have children is a hard wired survival instinct "thing". There is little choice it seems. People are programmed to just do it. Although I made a choice not to have children on the basis that it would curtail my freedom and drain my finances!

And that is the first reason why cats are better than kids; they are less expensive in all sorts of ways. Here are just a few, there are many more:

-- Cats don't ask for money all the time.
-- Cats don't need to drive the car and then wreck it raising insurance rates.
-- Don't need a a pile of money for college.
-- Don't demand expensive Christmas and birthday presents.
-- Cats don't want expensive electronic gadgets.

Cats just like the simple pleasures of life. Some homemade cat toys are more than enough. I find my cats shun commercially made products. They just take what is there.

But on the matter of health, you have to take a cat to an expensive vet - it is all private health care for cats but in the UK it is free at the point of delivery for humans. That is a plus point for kids, I must admit.

So of all the factors in deciding whether cats are better than kids - on the matter of money, the most important; cats win hands down. Or is that being too commercial?

What next? Companionship. This is going to be a walk over. Cats are:

-- more reliable
-- more predictable
-- less dependent
-- less argumentative (most of the time!)
-- don't scream to get their way (well, my girl cat does sometimes)
-- don't ask for help with homework (but do ask for help sometimes, like asking for the door to be opened because she is too lazy to go through the cat flap)
-- are always pleased to see you

What next? Conversations. Hmmm. Well I can talk to my cats and it is genuinely two way but I'll concede that we speak a different language. There again, kids are not great at conversation all the time. And kids tend to answer back something cats know nothing about whatsoever.

One downside for a cat is the lifespan. We as humans are almost always going to outlive our cats. That means suffering their loss, which for many can be a big impact. And on a practical level cats cannot accompany us on holiday like a person cat but modern pet passports have taken some of the obstacles away.

Here's a fancy philosophical reason why cats are better than kids. Cats are everywhere just waiting to be adopted. They are begging to be adopted with very little or no paperwork. They often just walk into your life, easy peesy lemon squeesy.

Now kids...well I am thinking pregnancy. I can't speak for women but maybe pregnancy is a pleasant experience except for the last bit. I'll leave that to women to comment on but, bottom line, it is a whole lot easier to adopt a cat than produce or adopt a kid.

Conclusion: Gotta say it -- it cats or dogs or anything but kids..:). But the truth is that living with both is the usual and probably the best answer, under the right circumstances.

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Cats are Better than Kids -- Discuss

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Feb 11, 2010 Thank Kathy!
by: Dorothy

Yippee! See, I knew there would be some (serious) humor (that's true) yet proof that Michael may be right about this!

Love kids, but.......

Feb 11, 2010 kids
by: kathy

I am grateful that my children, 2 boys ages 25 and 35, both are adults now. But that doesnt stop them from asking for a hand out every now and then. I have paid phone bills, gas bills, helped with rent, oh yeah, lets dont forget the one son who cant seem to be a responsilble pet owner, even though he loves his cats to death. I buy the cat food because Cash cant eat anything with corn in it and he just cant seem to ever find the right kind. Then theres the cat litter that he cant ever seem to be able to afford. Please dont let one of them get sick because I am called before a visit to the vet even though I never know what Im talking about. Cash's fur grew back after he had a reaction to Bio Spot for fleas, that was my fault of course but he couldnt take him to the vet for flea protection. Then he got sores on his neck from the fleas still jumping on him biting him, so I got him some flea spray but I still didnt know what I was talking about. So then I had to buy Halo coat conditioner and now he has his fur back. So now I beleive his house is flea free but that was my fault too because I took Lia outside for a walk and brought fleas into his house even though he has a friend who brings a dog over to his house. Will I ever know what I'm talking about???? KIDS Theres one running around in the library right now that I'd like to stick my foot out and trip.

Feb 08, 2010 Cats are better than kids-Discuss.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

As a bachelor and owner of pets since childhood i do feel that pets are non-judgemental compared to humans. Regarding cats as a companion being better than having your own kids depends on the person ,but, having both at home along with your wife would be the better choice according to me.Its ultimately each individuals personal way of thinking and living. As a bachelor, i am happy with my life-stle and pets since this is the way i choose to live.

Feb 07, 2010 Michael, Michael, Michael.....
by: Dorothy

I look forward to reading comments on this one. I hope those with a zippy sense of humor will pipe in.

I have to say, I agree completely......Having not had kids (by choice) the older I get, the harder it looks to me watching my husbands kids having children. Of course, they love it..and they are doing it for all the right reasons, and I'm sure it is the most rewarding thing ever. I've been around nieces, nephews, babies, teens and have helped raise a few along the way, and it was always fine - being there as the young 'human' finds its way, but in the end, the love and pleasure we get from our pets hands down is the most intimate, loving, deep and lasting joy that there is.

Thanks for the Sunday morning entertainment.

Fifty Something in California

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