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Cats Are Digitigrades! Stop Declawing Digitigrades! — 7 Comments

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  3. Me too with bells on.This isn’t a site where people come to have grammar lessons,it’s a site where we come to learn or educate about cats and to fight the abuse of them and I think Micheal’s PoC is the best site on the internet for doing all of this.
    Get a life Shiggy and do something yourself for animals rather than looking for grammar mistakes by people who are doing their best.

  4. On the scale of this does grammatical perfection really count Shiggity?
    I hardly think so when this brilliant article is about a cat who suffered all his life from cruel uneccessary surgery, a cat who Susan rescued and cared for at her own expense and who broke her heart when he died of cancer probably brouught on by the stress of struggling through his short life crippled.
    The important thing is that people read it and learn from it and if it stops more cats suffering the same way as Mushu then Susan will be happy.
    She is a wonderful lady who devotes her life to rescuing and caring for animals, to me that’s much more important than knowing whether to use who or whom.

  5. You mean “who,” not “whom.” “Whom” is used as the object of a sentence, “who” is the subject of a sentence. “Whom” is not the formal version of “who.”

    • Hi Shiggity. I have just seen that grammatical error in Susan’s post some time ago. Thank you for pointing it out. Excellent article don’t you think? It would have been nice if you had found the time to comment on the content rather than an irrelevant grammatical error. Thanks for visiting though.

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