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Cats Are Four-Legged Sociopaths. Discuss — 5 Comments

  1. I just sent my neighbors a text that this will not be another summer where the only thing we can hear are their obnoxious dogs barking for hours.
    I called dispatch. It looks like we might have a new Animal Control officer and this one might be an enforcer. My opinion is while I don’t care for dogs it is not the fault of the animal. Left to roam and do as it pleases. It’s about baby cat season I’m sure they have a herd of unaltered cats that will start dumping kittens soon. I stopped counting calls last summer after 50.
    The real problem with roaming pets are the owners. For some reason though it’s socially acceptable to make crude nasty comments about cats.

    • Well written and said ME. You summed it up nicely. People do blur the line between cat behavior (natural) and human cat ownership (sometimes irresponsible). The latter needs to make sure the former does not upset neighbors.

  2. I have to lock my gates at all times because the neighbors let their dogs roam. The people next door have a dog that scares the holy heck out of me when I am in my yard (which is totally fenced) when he races to the fence and stands growling and snarling, I go inside so as not to aggravate it. But I have taken to carrying a gun when I’m in my garden or just roaming around my 5 acres to check on the native plants. My dogs were all trained NOT to go near the fences and not to bark. They have all gone over the Bridge. My cats never go outside and I have fed and cared for the ferals and those poor cats who get dumped in the area and gravitate to my yard. I find animals of any species to be more friendly and caring and more company than many humans. The more I know humans, the more I prefer the company of my “animals”.

  3. I wonder how that competes with my narcissist next door who thinks listening to her dogs bark nonstop all night and roam leaving their huge greasy and uncovered stool all over my yard.
    Cats here have yet to kill, calves, horses, chickens or other cats like my neighbors dog did when it ripped a little feral sleeping a few feet from me in half.
    I don’t leave my cat in the car so when you park and open the door it sticks it’s barred fangs though the cracked window barking like an idiot
    I have never carried my cat into the store and put in in a shopping cart where the next unwitting victim will sit their child or food.
    Cats in the modern world. At least in the US belong indoors or in a well structured outside enclosure.
    When I went to pick up Mercy there was one building for cats and about 10 full of dogs. Of course the dogs had kennels the cats had cages just big enough for a small place to lay, food water and litter box.
    Dogs were bred to be subservient working animals. Cats came in and worked for a bit of food, some love and a warm place to sleep.
    I promise you the man who wrote that letter has a yard full of dogs.

  4. First_ I am upset that this man is such an idiot and does not consider the source of his discontent with cats lies directly into the laps of their caretakers.

    Second: This form of stereotyping adds an extra burden to the cat profile_ a negative assessment that other idiots gravitate towards as another excuse to dishonor the majestic cat kingdom worldwide.


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