Cats are Half the Cost of Dogs in First Year

Cost of maintaining cat in first year

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In the first year after adoption new cat owners spend half the amount that dog owners spend on food, bedding, toys, equipment, insurance and vets, a study found.

Typical dog owners spend £4,791 ($6,100) on average in the first year including buying the dog.

By comparison cat owners spend about £2,455 ($3,130) in the first twelve months of ownership including purchasing the cat. Rabbits cost £1,802 and fish are the cheapest at £769. A horse costs £12,654 over the same period.

Nationwide Home Insurance surveyed 2,300 pet owners in the study.

More than half those surveyed put aside money before adopting a pet. They are the ones who are more likely to be aware of the costs. Around 9% of pet adopters used a credit card to fund the expenses. Thirty-eight percent used their savings.

The simple conclusion is that pets are wonderful companions and bring a lot of joy to the family but they are probably more expensive than a lot of people care to think. The costs add up.

Good quality cat food is pricey and we know what vets cost. Although I am sure many savvy cat owners find ways to minimise expenses, this should not be at the expense of the cat’s health. I feel that too many cat owners skimp on taking their cat to the vet when needed. Really, this is a poor judgement. It is well-known that vet bills for cats are on average substantially lower than for dogs.

People who wish to adopt a cat should think hard beforehand. The cost should not put them off but they should be aware of it in order to eliminate the possibility of relinquishment later on.


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  1. Thank you for addressing this Michael. The costs for an adopted pet are the same minus the purchase price. Most adoption fees are well under 100$.
    Veterinary bills with Mercy were extremely high as she needed oral surgery so she could have a normal life. Our two kits plus the mommy cat cost us thousands and I found her in the yard.


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