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Cats Are Houdini Escapologists — 4 Comments

  1. I have security screen doors, so the furkids can sit and look out at the wildlife and feel the breezes. The “screen” is metal and they can’t get through. The windows have heavy duty sunscreen that is securely fastened to the frame. I have screen doors for the inside of the house, as the furkids have special diets. I made those with 1 x2 and hardware cloth or mesh, as the little dickens tear up any other type of screening.

  2. Michael, I am very fortunate in that I have never had any of mine try to get out. Most of mine were rescues off the street, and I think that they now feel quite safe. Mine don’t even like going out to go for their check-ups at the vet! Granted, I live in a second floor apartment in which there is only one exit. I have them occasionally peek at the dorr, and if we are unloading groceries in the house from the car, we will have an occasional one come out to the ledge of the door frame, but they never seem to want to go any further. I live right on a main highway, and the noise scares them. Plus, I talk with them all the time, letting them know that they are all safe inside with Mommy and hoomin brofur Tyler. I still keep a watchful eye on them because I know a cat’s instincts for the outdoors, but I have had no major issues — even with the feral rescues I’ve had. ♥♥♥

  3. I have pet safe screen in my windows and because of wildlife and extra security for the cats I have hardware cloth frames on the outside. Sometimes called hardware mesh.
    the pet safe screen can take quite a beating but must be securely installed in the frames.
    I had a large ring neck dove hit one like a bowling ball a few weeks ago without dislodging it.

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