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Cats Are Incapable of Feeling Guilt — 2 Comments

  1. I share your thoughts Michael. I don’t believe that cats suffer from guilt. Even if their thought processes were that complex, what would they have to feel guilty about?

    I’ve also read studies busting the “guilty look” dog owners talk of. In some studies the dog hadn’t done anything wrong, but the mere suggestion to the owners that their dog had been ‘naughty’ was enough for the owner’s body language and tone of voice to trigger a submissive response from the dog. Just as with cats, there are clearly areas of dog behaviour that many owners are unaware of. Animals are much better at reading body language than we are, which undoubtedly leads to miscommunication on many occasions.

    • I am pleased you agree 😉 The fact that humans feel guilt and cats don’t tells us something about the human condition. It is a plus point for cats over humans!

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