Cats Are People

Sister Wendy is a well known personality in the UK despite being a reclusive nun. She lives in solitude in a caravan. She is smart and well educated and likes to be surrounded by God. She likes to be swimming in God I think is the expression she used. She is known as an art expert. She is 81 years of age at Feb 2011 and still as sharp as a tack.

She is a special person. She likes cats. She has been offered kittens on a number of occasions, she said.

She turned them down. She didn’t explain why on the TV programme that I have just been watching. Although by way of explanation, she did say that “cats are people”. Those are her exact words. I think we need to take those words seriously. Although many, many people will think them quite odd.

Not being able to find any information on the internet which helps me to interpret Sister Wendy’s saying that cats are people (perhaps it is the first time she has used it), I am obliged to figure it out myself.

I confess that I love the phrase. That is why I am writing about it. I have always felt that cats or any animal are our equal. We should treat them as equals. This feels right to me. I know it feels right for many of the regular contributors and commentators at PoC.

Perhaps she means what I feel. That we are all equal in the eyes of God. We might as well say we are all animals. It is the same thing. Only saying that cats are people is nicer because people have perverted the use of the word “animal” to mean something derogatory, something lesser than humans. Sister Wendy raises animals to the status of people.

As Sister Wendy wishes to live in solitude having a cat for company would be like having a person living with her in her caravan. This is why she declines the offer of a kitten.

That is my interpretation of Sister Wendy’s “cats are people”.

The video below was pointed out to me by Dorothy Wandruff. She does this and it is very useful to me. Thank you Dorothy. It is a video that fits in nicely with this post. The two things came together this evening.

{Note: Videos get pulled from YouTube sometimes and I don’t have notice of it. The screen goes blank}

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Cats Are People

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Mar 02, 2011 Sister Wendy
by: Leah (UK)

I have heard only a little about Sister Wendy until your article, Micheal but what she may mean is that cats are like people and as such shouldn’t be bought, sold or passed from guardian to guardian.

I’ve always thought that you can’t fully appreciate what a cat is about unless you have a certain sensitivity in your make up.

I really have to agree with her though as cats are very sensitive to moods, danger, loud noises, tone of voice and so many other things. My cat is very vocal and has different pitches to his meow, so many in fact sometimes he says ‘no’ and ‘mmmm’.

I homed one of my foster kittens to my friend and her family before Christmas. My friends husband has never had a cat (my friend has) and he has always thought that cats were disloyal, independant and only used you for food etc (he’s always been a ‘dog person’). That perception soon changed after Tink moved in! Tink made firm friends with the family dog and rabbit and is now loved dearly by hubby, latest reports are along the lines of; ‘I never realised cats could be so loving; he’s just like a person!’

So there you have it from the mouth of a convert! Cats are people!

Mar 01, 2011 My thoughts
by: Ruth

I love and admire Sister Wendy and I wonder if she doesn’t have a cat because of a vow of silence from supper until after morning prayers.
I’ve stayed with Nuns and they are all very strict about that rule.
If Sister Wendy had a cat there is no way she could keep that vow as naturally cat lovers talk to their cats all the time.
I’ve also heard ‘cats are people too’ and you could buy coasters for your cup etc with it on from cat charities at one time, maybe you still can.
Another version is ‘cats are people in fur coats’
I’m with you Michael, we are all alike but I’d say we are animals as much as animals are because they are far superior to people even though some people think otherwise.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Mar 01, 2011 Hi Rudolph
by: Michael

Nice to hear from you. I hope you are OK and my love to your gorgeous Persian cats.

Michael Avatar

Feb 28, 2011
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

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