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Cats Are VERY Intelligent IMO

Cats Are VERY Intelligent IMO

by Beth
(Ontario, Canada)

Simon (left/grey), Frost (middle/orange), Jack (right/tabby+white)

I wake up to this rather frequently.

Simons profile. His profile is very straight and defined.

You can see just how large his feet are here.

I have three boys. Simon, Jack, and Frost. All of which are rescues. Simon and Jack are blood brothers who were dumped outside of my step-fathers work and now I have them. Frost was taken away from his mother far too early, and was in a disgusting house. We got him when he was approx. 4-5 weeks old and he was completely covered in fleas. A friend told us someone was giving away kittens so we decided to get one.

I do not know much about Simon and Jack's background. We got them when they were approx. 10-12 weeks old.

I get very irritated when people say cats cannot be trained and/or are stupid. I know for a fact that cats are very intelligent. They are more well trained than our three dogs, and were also trained faster.

They all know how to sit on command, wait, beg for food (meaning they stand up on command), what 'down' means (if they are on something they shouldn't be on), they know what 'come' means, and politely ask to be let out of a room. They are currently learning how to walk on a leash. Which they are doing very well with but still learning.

They also know where not to scratch. I do not believe in declawing and know from personal experience that cats can be trained. No matter the cat. Frost has some psychological issues as a result of being taken away from his mother too soon, and I trained him with ease.

Though I do consider myself as a bit of a cat-whisperer, so I understand why training may be difficult for others who do not understand the psychology as well.

They also accept me as the 'dominant' kitty. They are respectful of me and they know I will not let them get away with things. They will not come near me while I'm eating, and if they are looking at me while I eat it's from across the room. My father however, let's them get away with whatever they want because he refuses to discipline them, and thinks they are dumb and can not learn. They do things around him that they would never even dare to do when I'm home. They try and take his food and climb all over him and beg and meow at him while he eats.

I know they understand how to open doors as well. Hence how they tell me they want to be let out of a room. They sit and stare at me until I notice them, then once I do they stand up and touch the doorknob, then sit back down again and wait. I told them to sit and wait when I was training them to ask politely. The doorknob touch was all on their own. They also try to open doors when I go outside, but can't because they are either turning knobs or heavy sliding doors.

Also, they are still young cats. And I have not been working with them since they were young kittens. Frost is approx. 7 months old, and Jack and Simon are approx. 9 months old.

Rather off topic, but from the pictures provided could anyone possibly take a guess to what possible 'breeds' Simon has in him. Yes Jack and Simon are blood brothers but Simon is rather different physically from Jack. He is very large and muscular with medium/short hair. Jack is tall, long, and rather slender. Simon weighs 12 pounds at 9 months and is not fat at all. He also has VERY large feet. Larger than a table spoon. Simon also has an almost perfectly straight profile.


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Cats Are VERY Intelligent IMO

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Jun 21, 2011
I agree they are smart but some are easier to train than others
by: TL from Boston

I had a female who did not care what the rules were!! She was my only challenge.

I think Simon looks like the profile picture on this site of an oriental shorthair. They have that wedge shaped head. So elegant.

Jun 21, 2011
I agree
by: kathy w

I too hate it when people say cats cant be trained. Afew years back I was at a circus and they had performing cats. Those cats did everything. They jumped through hoops, walked on a tight rope, and many other tricks. My cats too have subtle ways about them that only I understand. They each know their name and will come when I call them. When Im giving them treats sometimes they like to eat them out of my hand, however if any one of them doesnt they will look at my hand and dthen down at the floor, which means of course they want them on the floor.

Jun 20, 2011
Monty has trained me
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

My cat meows at me all the time, begs me for food, wakes me up constantly-- all that stuff I shouldn't let him get away with. The pecking order in our house is my husband in charge, then the cat, then me. When I want to bring Monty in from outside and he's off leash I have to chase him around for five minutes. My husband simply points to the door and the cat runs up onto the back porch and in the door when my husband opens it. Someone said, "He's afraid of your husband." But that's not it. Jeff didn't yell, most of the time he doesn't even say anything. And as Monty runs up onto the porch his tail is straight up-- a sign of confidence and a happy cat, not a terrified cat. My husband has trained the cat in ways I never could, seemingly without even trying. I guess I'm just a pushover for Monty so he'll keep seeing himself as dominant. But I'm the one who feeds him when he's hungry, takes him out when he's bored, scoops his poop when poop needs to be scooped and brings him a bowl of fresh water twice a day. Maybe because I do all that the cat sees himself as in control of me-- that he must be dominant because I serve him. Whatever the reason, I couldn't believe my eyes the first time Jeff pointed at the back door and the cat just went in like he was happy to do it.

Jun 20, 2011
Awesome job, Mom!
by: Gail (Boston, USA)

Hi Beth,

I read your post with great interest, since I fancy myself somewhat of a cat whisperer also. None of my cats have ever done what yours do with your dad. Like you, they never got away with it. My cat doesn't touch the doorknob, but she will get me, touch my foot/leg and motion for me to follow her when she wants something. If I don't get up, she repeats the process until I do. She never jumps up on the kitchen counter, nor the eating table but does jump on everything else because she is allowed.

Even if she's eaten, if she hears a stray/feral outside who hasn't, she comes and gets me; she'll then stand in front of the porch door and look at me then look at the door to make me understand something/someone is on the other side. She even got me when my brother knocked on the back door and I didn't hear it, LOL! Cats are extremely intelligent, no mistaking about it.

I hope Michael is able to help you with the possible cat breed you're asking about. He's pretty much of an expert in that regard.

Enjoy your furkids! No matter how tough a day one has, your babies will always be there to right the ship!

Jun 20, 2011
Understand animals
by: Michael

There is no doubt that you have an empathy with animals and an understanding of cats. All good cat caretakers have this. Thanks for speaking up for the domestic cat....Michael

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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