Cats as American state animals

There are five cats as state animals in America.

  1. Florida: Florida Panther (1982 – state animal – actually the state mammal)
  2. Maryland: Calico cat (state’s domestic animal and state mammal)
  3. New Hampshire: Bobcat (wild cat and state mammal) 2015.
  4. Maine: Maine Coon Cat (state’s domestic animal).
  5. Massachusetts: Tabby Cat (state’s domestic animal is a tabby cat so designated on July 11, 1988)
American state cats
American state cats
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Note 1 – the ringtail cat or ring-tailed cat is not a feline but a member of the raccoon family. The feline version is the purebred American Ringtail cat. The ringtail cat is a state animal of Arizona.

Note 2 – My research tells me that some states have a domestic and wild animal as their designated animal including a marine animal. It varies from state to state as far as I can tell.

Note 3 – Cats are mammals. A state mammal is the official mammal of a U.S. state as designated by a state’s legislature.

I believe that the four cat state animals listed is the complete list but it might not be. If I am wrong please leave a comment and I’ll correct the page.

I’d welcome comments to add to the list. The source of the information is Twitter, Wikipedia and Google search.


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