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Cats At Fur ‘N Feather Farm Rescue Should Not Have Been Seized — 14 Comments

  1. Since some of you know the rescue owner, can you please explain how she could physically care for over 300 cats. I just don’t see how she managed it. Did she have a lot of help? I can’t even picture how 300 cats together would look.

    • I think she’d admit she needed more help or perhaps the help she had planned for failed to materialise. This is why I argue that the better course of action from Animal Services would have been assistance.

      • I don’t know what animal control was thinking. They should have had some kind of plan in place. I remember a raid in the mid 90’s and the cats were taken to the local 4-H facility in big cages and the news media covered it and people went to where the cats were being housed to adopt them. There was a team assigned specifically to care for these cats.

        That, too, was a case where the women got overwhelmed and had 125 cats living in one house. People in the town knew the ladies, spread the word the cats needed new homes (their health was pretty good considering the numbers) and the community stepped up.

        • It seems Animal Services became overwhelmed too. Not great planning. Not a good look to use modern parlance.

  2. These rescued kittens and cats have all been tested for feline diseases and microchipped. They were healthy when they were taken from her farm now they have become sickly in the shelters. They must be rescued from the hell they have been placed in.

  3. These cats and kittens need to be rescued immediately (today) from these shelters before any of her cats and kittens starve to death. They are not eating. They have been in the shelters since May 3rd and 4th. They look horrible.

  4. I have known this wonderful lady for 3 years. She has saved two of my cats lives taking precious time from her rescue to give my cats the care they needed to survive. I would never have taken my cats to anyone else to get the care this God given angel has given them. She has given all her rescued cats the same attention to bring her rescued sick cats and kittens back to health. Now these rescues are deteriorating and starving and stressed out in these animal shelters with very little attention and bad food given to them that they are not eating. This lady has paid extreme mothering and love to each kitten and cat, always fed well with plenty of water. She has always kept up with all their medications. Every near death rescue she took into her care has survived because of this golden angel’s care and love. She always took many of her rescues to vets everyday when they needed to go get treated. She never faultered for her babies. She was always there for them. These kittens and cats knew who their real momma was. What kind of vet would ever complain about this wonderful angel and her loving rescue??

    • I sent three young cats to foster when a spot came open and even in a loving environment with good food until a forever home is found, the cats refused to eat for several days. They’re fine now but this tends to happen when cats are moved. They don’t like change of any kind.

  5. This is horrifying. I live in Florida but am unable to travel to help right now. I am extremely distressed and concerned for the welfare of these cats.

    • It is a mess really. They need rescuing from the rescuer who rescued them from a rescuer…They should have stayed put and assistance given. It was all hyped.

  6. I’ve personally known the owner of the rescue for 22 years. I have seen her on numerous, numerous occasions with many of her rescued cats, dogs and birds. I never, ever felt the animals were abused or neglected in any way whatsoever. If I thought or felt that at all, I personally would have done something about it. I’ve never met someone who cared so much for her animals, and I know it from personal experience and witnessing it. I believe the authorities that came in and did this should be held accountable for the safety and welfare of the cats that they’ve now put in this situation. I understand them believing they’re doing the right thing, but sometimes a little investigation should be done before such a severe action as they took. I think the vet should also be held accountable and have to personally help the cats that she has now caused to be put in harms way. I hope something can be done to right the wrong done to the cat rescue.

    • Very well said Janice. I hardly know the owner but I feel sure that her heart is in the right place and that she is a good cat rescuer. She needed some help that’s all.

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