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Cat’s Brain Releases the Same Love Hormone as Humans — 10 Comments

  1. Just with Jasmin and how every nite she cuddles up beside me in a ball, she never wants to just lay by herself and looks deeply into my eyes at times i just know she feels deep love. Even the other ones always want to be soo close. was reading an article on Facebook about how cats are very good how they help with serotonin levels the feel good emotions which i totally agree with.

  2. “close acquaintance, association, or familiarity” doesn’t even touch on what is there.
    It’s a communication that will take your breath away, that makes you want to clutch your chest, that gives you such a feeling of wellbeing that you wouldn’t care if you died at that moment.

    • I took Charlie to vet on Thursday (yesterday) and I always feel terribly anxious when I take him to the vet which as far as I am concerned is indicative of my love for him and cats in general. Almost nothing makes me more nervous than taking a cat to a vet! I think the nervousness is caused by a heightened concern for the welfare of my cat, which in turn is a reflection of my love for him.

  3. I may be inept at human love, but I know animal love. They’re easier to read and more honest than humans. It’s not complicated.

    When Restart walks across the counter to me to get her mouth kiss every morning and looks into my eyes for an eternity, I don’t need a scientific study to tell me that she loves and trusts me.

    • I may be inept at human love, but I know animal love.

      An interesting statement. Animals are easier to relate to intimately (meaning: close acquaintance, association, or familiarity). Is that what you mean?

    • I would like this sort of research and enlightenment to change the laws regarding companion animals so they are legally not possessions but living companions under the law with a whole new set of rights that goes with that legal status.

      • Exactly Michael! They are like domestic partners! Members of the family. I could have told you all of the above, just by watching. Have you noticed how you can just be watching them sleep, get filled with love, and they wake up instantly purring and returning the love. So sweet.

        • I could have told you all of the above, just by watching.

          I thought you might say that. And you are right. Good cat caretakers can see it in their cat’s behavior. We don’t need science. However, it is nice to receive scientific confirmation of what we believe through observation.

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